Posted on Mon, 19 Dec, 2016
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The phrase “all the rage” gets banded around a lot in this world, but every now and then it rings true, That’s definitely the case when it comes to DAB radios and all in one music systems, and particularly the members of the Ruark Audio family. If you’re considering a DAB radio or a music system for your home, one of these is certainly worth your consideration. All coming pre-approved by critics and customers alike.
There are four models within the family, each at different price points and with different features/benefits to offer. So let’s take it from the top…

Ruark Audio R1 MkIII 


The third incarnation of this particular model, the R1 Mk III is a sleek and sophisticated DAB which features DAB+ and the usual FM tuning capabilities, as well as Bluetooth. All of this is easily controlled using the slick and vastly improved RotoDial control system, combined with the beautiful OLED display.

Ruark Audio R2 MkIII


The R1 is a good place to start, but the R2 is even an even more versatile. The iPod dock seems to be slowly disappearing from systems, but the R2 is an exception. On top of its DAB+, it also features the latest aptX Bluetooth audio technology, alongside wifi. Best of all, it’s Spotify Connect ready, which means you can play anything and everything Spotify has to offer, straight from it. Combine this with some very useful alarms and a USB port for smartphone charging, and you have a system that’s ready for nearly everything the modern music world demands of it.

Ruark Audio R4 MkIII


It’s at this point we move away from the simpler DABs, and into All-In-One territory. Starting with the R4 MkIII. Features-wise, the R4 covers pretty much all bases:  DAB+ (and FM tuners), as well as auxiliary inputs, aptX Bluetooth receiver and the USB playback port for charging and playback from memory devices. It also features a high-end multi format CD player. It’s also been designed to work well as an AV accompaniment too, providing excellent sound for movies and TV, as well as music.

Ruark Audio R7 High Fidelity Radiogram



At the absolute top of the range, we have something that transcends the simple DAB, and even the all-in-one. We have, the high-end High Fidelity Radiogram, which is a glorious homage to yester-year in style and function, but with a distinctly modern twist. It can and will play pretty much everything, from CDs and DAB through to internet radio and streaming services all the way through to vinyl. While it doesn’t have an inbuilt turntable, it does have a phonostage which means a turntable can be connected and played through it. All in gorgeous high-fidelity, and all of the absolute highest quality.

So, which one is your favourite? Take a closer look at the whole family by clicking here, and see which would look best in your world.

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  1. Ruark radios are possibly the best out there for sound quality. I reviewed the R1 MkIII here

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