Posted on Fri, 11 Aug, 2017
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Tannoy in wall speakers are an ideal way to integrate the famous Tannoy sound in a highly integrated, discrete format, ideal for commercial and domestic installations.

Integrating loudspeakers neatly and unobtrusively with their surroundings is a problem which has plagued speaker designers since the dawn of Hi-Fi. How does one go about creating a living space which is both harmonious to one’s lifestyle, and at the same time allows for high-quality listening?

Enter the gloriously discrete Tannoy in wall speakers; a range of flush-mounting, wall-mount speakers with the famous Tannoy sound.


Tannoy iW install


Tannoy – The Original name in install loudspeakers

Tannoy: it’s the brand name which became part of the English Language; inexorably linked forever more with the concept of installed sound and distributed audio. Whilst it’s true that Tannoy has carved an incredible reputation for High Fidelity audio over the last 50+ years, Tannoy’s roots in installed sound cannot be ignored.

Tannoy’s custom install loudspeakers have gained a reputation for being some of the world’s finest, with prestigious clients and installations to ‘rubber stamp’ that reputation. Tannoy in wall speakers can be found at both the Bellagio and Wynns resorts in Las Vegas and the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai; the latter of which carries the acclaim of the ‘World’s Tallest Building’ and features over 6000 Tannoy in wall speakers and in ceiling speakers.

Tannoy in wall speakers

When one thinks of in wall speakers, one is sadly often reminded of generic restaurant speakers playing piped, anaemic sounding Muzak; with Tannoy in wall speakers, however, the experience is very very different, and could no doubt shame many dedicated conventional Hi-Fi loudspeakers.

Aimed at both residential and commercial installations, Tannoy in wall loudspeakers feature the signature Tannoy Dual Concentric point source driver technology. Most models in the iW range feature Dual Concentric drivers, some coupled to a ‘super tweeter’, ensuring a consistency of sound across the iW range.

Tannoy iW range at a glance

iW 4DC

Tannoy in wall speaker iW4DC


The iW 4DC is a super compact speaker; featuring a 4″ version of the famous Tannoy Dual Concentric driver, the iW4DC is compact enough to fit in the smallest of spaces, yet still, delivers Tannoy quality sound. Ideal as a main stereo loudspeaker for compact spaces, or as an auxiliary for surround systems.

iW 6DS




The iW 6DS is a conventional, two-way loudspeaker featuring a 6″ high efficiency, mid/bass driver coupled to a 25mm titanium dome tweeter. The iW 6DS represents a very cost effective way of adding Tannoy in wall speakers to your installation


Tannoy iw6tdc


The Tannoy iW 6TDC offers full-bandwidth performance, courtesy of a 6″ Dual Concentric driver, coupled to a 25mm ‘super tweeter’ derived from Tannoy’s high-end designs. With a frequency bandwidth of 75Hz-51kHz (with no more than 3db deviation across the spectrum) the iW 6TDC can be used comfortably as a full bandwidth loudspeaker.

iW 62TDC



Fusing the fundamental design of the iW 6TDC, the iW 62TDC adds a dedicated 6.5″ bass driver for enhanced low-frequency response across the bandwidth. Ideal for those who relish in low frequency ‘oomph’ but may not be able to accommodate an external subwoofer.

iW 62TS



What could be more convenient than a flush, wall mount subwoofer? If any loudspeaker component could be accused of hogging precious living space, it’s a subwoofer. Mounting one’s sub into the wall offers precious gains in floor-space, and if correctly installed and positioned, can enhance the low-frequency content dramatically.

Featuring a pair of long-throw 6.5″ woofers, the iW 62TS offers trouser-flappingly low-frequency reproduction and is a fantastic accompaniment to any of the iW range of Tannoy wall mount speakers. Whether as a dedicated subwoofer in a surround sound system or as part of a two-channel setup, the iW 62TS is a valuable addition to the range.

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