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The new Tannoy Legacy Series heralds the return of 1970s legends the Arden, Cheviot and Eaton loudspeakers.

In the 1970s, Tannoy Launched the HPD series of loudspeakers, which quickly established themselves as desirable loudspeakers, both in the recording studio and well-heeled homes.

Now, over four decades on from their introduction, Tannoy have reintroduced three, key models from the HPD range as part of the new Legacy Series.

Tannoy Legacy Series

The Tannoy HPD Series

The original HPD series of the 1970s took over from the legendary Tannoy Monitor Gold range and incorporated a number of then new technological advancements. Designed with input from recording professionals, the HPD (High-Performance Dual) range went deeper and louder than any Tannoy Dual Concentric before it.

Originally comprised of five models: Arden, Berkely, Devon, Cheviot, Devon and Eaton, the HPD range covered all bases; from the compact 10″ reflex enclosure Eaton up to the impressive 15″ Arden; there was a Dual Concentric loudspeaker to suit all needs.


Tannoy HPD


Unfortunately, four decades on, some of those advancements, such as the use of a plastic roll surround on the driver cone (which is alleged to only be good for 15 years) have led to original units often requiring extensive and expensive refurbishment.

Thankfully, there is now an option….

The Tannoy Legacy Series

Tannoy Die-Hards and Traditionalists, Rejoice! In a welcome move, Tannoy has re-introduced three models from the original HPD series.  The Arden, Cheviot and Eaton, are all reborn under the banner of the Tannoy Legacy Series.

Much like the Tannoy Prestige Range (a favourite, here at The Audio Affair Blog), the Tannoy Legacy Series are hand-built at Tannoy’s famous Coatbridge plant in Scotland. Tannoy die-hards can be assured therefore that these are totally authentic, Tannoy Dual Concentrics.

Tannoy is keen to point out that the new Legacy Series is, “More than just a homage to its predecessor“. The new Tannoy Legacy Series features the famously transparent performance of Dual Concentric drivers, but now with improved drivers and the implementation of modern technology.

Eaton, Cheviot & Arden

Key upgrades and modernizations upon the original HPD designs are clear to see: improved materials eliminate the potential surround failure issues of the original HPD drivers, and those with a keen eye will note that the dust cap has been removed from the central HF driver.

Additionally, switches, trim panels and terminals are all upgraded and enhanced compared to the 1970s originals; true bi-amping is possible via the 5-way terminal panel on the rear of the loudspeakers, and the plastic crossover adjustment controls are now replaced by beautiful, brass, selector pins.

We recommend the careful pairing of loudspeaker and amplifier when considering the Tannoy Legacy series; our in-house tests have shown that class A amplifiers such as the Sugden Sapphire or Valve Amplification, really make these loudspeakers sing!

Tannoy Eaton

The Tannoy Eaton is the ‘baby’ of the Tannoy Legacy Series, and ideally should be stand mounted; a twin distributed port enclosure houses a 10″ version of the legendary Dual Concentric loudspeaker driver. Frequency response is impressive at 40Hz to 30kHz, with 100w continuous power handling.





Tannoy Cheviot

The Tannoy Cheviot is the ‘mid-sized’ loudspeaker in the Legacy series and the smallest of the floor standing speakers in the range. Housing a larger, 12″ Dual Concentric driver in a larger cabinet, the advantages are predictable and welcome; a frequency response of 38Hz to 30kHz, 125w continuous power handling and an improved sensitivity of 91db.





Tannoy Arden

The Flagship of the Tannoy Legacy Series is the Arden; housing a 15″ version of the Dual Concentric driver, in a large, floor-standing cabinet, the Arden is a magnificent loudspeaker which carries Tannoy’s 1970s heritage proudly into the 21st Century.

Frequency response is a deep and wide 35Hz to 30kHz, with a 150w continuous power handling and a high sensitivity rating of 93db.




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