Posted on Fri, 05 Dec, 2014
Posted by Peter



Sometimes, words are enough to tell you what’s special about a hi-fi product. Sometimes, words are not enough. And sometimes, just sometimes, words just get in the way. This is one of those times! We now stock the stunning Tivoli range – and we think the pictures sell them better than we ever could.

1. Tivoli Albergo+ – £199


Available in five beautiful colours, Albergo is a DAB/DAB+/FM Clock Radio with Bluetooth. The perfect accompaniment for a little light painting. Brushes not included.

2. Tivoli Pal + – £199


Available in four vibrant colours, PAL stands for Portable Audio Laboratory and includes Bluetooth, DAB, DAB+ and FM. Pack it with your books and take it on your travels!

3. Tivoli Model Three BT – £249


Available in four alluring finishes, the Model Three BT is an AM/FM Clock Radio with Bluetooth. Wake up with style… and then grab a coffee.

4. Tivoli Music System Three+ – £249


Available in black and white, the Three+ is a fully portable all-in-one digital system and includes Bluetooth, DAB, DAB+ and FM, all of which can be played for over 20 hours before a recharge is needed. Perfect for that lakeside party…


5. Tivoli Music System Two+ – £499

Available in three stylish finishes, this all-in-one system features everything you could want from a digital system, including hi fidelity stereo sound. Feature rich, and bursting with potential – and it’ll slip beautifully into your home décor too.

7. Tivoli Music System+ – £599


Available in four sumptuous finishes, this is Tivoli’s ultimate all-in-one music system, and quite possibly one of the best all-in-one systems you can get! Featuring every feature you could possibly wish for – including an integrated CD player – this cosy system will make you feel right at home.

there aren’t many ranges which render us (almost!) speechless, but these stunning radios and all-in-ones have done just that. So, have any taken your fancy? Remember, you can give us a shout if you have any questions. Otherwise, just click the link and we’ll do what we do best.