Posted on Mon, 10 Nov, 2014
Posted by Peter


Which album spent the longest period of time at No.1 on the Billboard charts? If you’re answer is Michael Jackson’s Thriller, then you’d be close. Would you believe me if I told you that it is actually the West Side Story Original Soundtrack (1961) that holds the crown would you believe me?

Well, it’s the truth! Whether or not it counts (it’s frequently contested on the grounds that West Side Story was listed on a chart for stereo albums only at a time when many albums were recorded in mono) as the official record breaker, this plucky musical made chart history by spending a whopping 54 weeks – well over a year – occupying the coveted No.1 position in the album charts. The soundtrack took on a life of its own, separating from the success of the film and entering the repertoire of musical (and music) lovers across the globe. It earned itself a Grammy in 1962, and is still popular to this very day – in every format.

Why do you need this LP?
Aside from a passion for vinyl, and analogue being arguably the purest format for the reproduction of music, vinyl is all about history. The history of music; in all of its various guises. And this double LP encapsulates so many facets of musical history it’s hard to know where to begin! Poignancy aside, the music is fantastic. Finger clicking, toe-tapping, swing-your-significant-other-around-the-living-room good. Even someone who isn’t a fan of musicals will be able to sing along with most of it, and paired with your turntable, it’ll be presented at a level of phonic excellence. What’s more, this is an At The Movies edition which contains 4 previously unreleased tracks! You can’t go wrong. All together now…