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Sennheiser: An iconic brand with iconic design. For those after Sennheiser design in sound-cancelling, portable headphones, there are the M2 AEBT Headphones.

Forming part of Sennheiser’s highly successful and acclaimed ‘Momentum’ Range, the Sennheiser M2 AEBT fuse Sennheiser’s decades of experience in headphone technology, with the very latest in Bluetooth connectivity.

Let’s take a closer look at the Sennheiser M2 AEBT Headphones

M2 AEBT Ivory

Quality Design – Timeless Style

The Sennheiser M2 AEBT Headphones are closed back, ‘circumaural’ (over-ear in layman’s terms) headphones. This design naturally provides the best, acoustic isolation from external noise; indeed one will find closed back circumaural type headphones in recording studios, for exactly this reason. NB: for those preferring smaller ‘on ear’ headphones, an on-ear version is also available.

The earpads and headband are made from natural leather, with other high-quality materials such as Alcantara and stainless steel employed. A choice of two finishes are available to the potential purchaser: Ivory and Brown, plus Black and err… Black!

As with all models in the Momentum range, construction quality, detail and finish are absolutely first class. These are headphones which will give tactile joy every time they’re picked up and put on. It really does make one wonder how Sennheiser do it for the money…

Sennhesier M2 AEBT folded

NoiseGard Active Sound Cancelling Technology

The Sennheiser M2 AEBT headphones make use Sennheiser’s proprietary ‘NoiseGard’ active noise reduction technology. Whilst NoiseGard has only made it to the consumer market within the last decade, it was first developed in the 1980s.

In 1984, Lufthansa approached Sennheiser to create noise cancelling headphones for their pilots. Whilst traditional closed back headphones worked well at eliminating high-frequency noise, low-frequency noise such as aircraft engines was still a problem. The result was the debut, in 1987, of NoiseGard on the LHM 45 pilot’s headset, the first of its kind.

NoiseGard, in principle, utilises four miniature microphones; one pair work to eliminate high-frequency noise, whilst another internal pair of microphones works to reduce low-frequency interference. The overall effect is a substantial broadband isolation figure of 25db or, to put it another way, it’s the difference between a quiet library and someone turning on a vacuum cleaner!

Pristine Mobile Audio

As we’ve come to expect from Sennheiser’s wireless Momentum range – going mobile doesn’t have to mean sacrificing sound quality. Bluetooth version 4.0 is supported, as is the aptX codec for ‘CD Quality’ audio over Bluetooth.

The best in wireless codecs, however, doesn’t guarantee that the audio performance of the headphones will be outstanding. Remember, however, that this is Sennheiser we’re talking about. A frequency bandwidth of 16Hz-22kHz is quoted for the Sennheiser M2 AEBT headphones.

The Sennheiser M2 AEBT. Practical, Stylish and Great Value.

Living with the Sennheiser M2 AEBT headphones on a day-to-day basis is made simple. Taking calls from one’s smartphone is made simple, with an integrated microphone for hands-free calls. You’ve no need to worry about a short battery life, either; 3 hours charge will give 22 hours operation.

The Sennheiser M2 AEBT headphones can also be connected directly to a computer via USB for hassle-free streaming of digital audio. Very handy if the Sennheiser M2 AEBT headphones are your only headphones to hand (and indeed, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be).

At £379 the M2 AEBT Headphones are substantially pricier than a lot of other Bluetooth headphones available. However, I’d invite you to view it this way; for a pair of audiophile headphones, from a trusted brand such as Sennheiser, they’re a bargain.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to listen to good quality sound wherever you go? I’ll leave you to think on that one…

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