Posted on Fri, 09 Dec, 2016
Posted by Raven

Earphones are supposed to be practical, comfortable and drive hours upon hours of portable listening pleasure, directly into your ears. Does it really matter what they look like? Well, if popularity amongst headphone enthusiasts is anything to go by, it really does.

At least, it does when these beautiful earphones are concerned. But, of course, what really matters is what they sound like.


The gorgeous Sennheiser IE80 Earphones certainly look the part, but they’re far, far more than just a pretty face. Let’s face it, what really matters amongst headphone (and hi-fi) enthusiasts is the sound, which they also have covered – and so much so, we think they’re the best earphones we’ve ever heard under £500. They feature wonderfully dynamic drivers with powerful neodymium magnets. Whats-more, they drive attenuation of ambient noise of up to 26dB. Overall, the sound is one of outstanding sonic accuracy and clarity.

Encased in beautiful brushed-metal housing, their premium finish also ensures they remain rugged and reliable, regardless of what the portable world throws at them. They are flexible, they are robust and they will last. And for those that don’t, there’s a two year guarantee to fall back on. These are fully ergonomic ear-canal which come with three adaptor sets: small, medium and large.

And you look pretty cool while you’re wearing them too, not something every earphone make can boast!


What’s more, they’re wonderfully versatile. One of the many features of these earphones, is the fact you can sound-tune the bass response to taste. But just in case you don’t fancy tunnelling under the sink to find a screwdriver small enough, Sennheiser provide you with suitable sound-adjustment tools to tinker with. And for those who are concerned about that, I assure you it’s very easy and very satisfying to do. No more technical than the turn of a screw. In fact, you’re actively encouraged by the brand themselves to go-at them with a screwdriver!

Of course being fitted with a standard 3.5mm connector, they are compatible with everything: MP3, CD players, iPad, iPod, iPhone and all mobile phones, and they have been heralded by many (including us) as being the best sounding earphones under £500 – and you can pick up a pair for just under £200 by clicking here.

Hugely popular, and likely to  remain so for some time, these are a firm favourite among the online headphone community, Audio Affair staff and pretty much everyone we’ve spoken to who has listened to these awesome earphones. No wonder then Sennheiser hasnt seen fit to replace them with anything else – why change a winning formula. The only model that betters them in our listening tests has been Sennheiser’s flagship IE800 earphones, yet for a touch under £600, they’re three times the price, making the IE80 a bargain.

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