Posted on Thu, 14 Jun, 2018
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Ruark MRX is a connected wireless speaker which fuses Ruark’s desirable mid-century aesthetic style with 21st-century connectivity.

Ruark: acknowledged masters of fusing retro and modern in a number of highly appealing and successful music devices. The R7 reinvented the radiogram, and Ruark’s range of Bluetooth radios and music systems have defined the company’s ethos.

Newly released, the Ruark MRX brings wireless streaming and multi-room connectivity to the Ruark lineup for the first time. We’re sure the MRX will be a big hit, so let’s take a look at what makes the MRX tick…

Rurark MRX

Ruark MRX

Here it is then, the Ruark MRX, Ruark’s very first connected wireless speaker; Ruark has made a real name for themselves producing great sounding and aesthetically beautiful audio products. It’s difficult to deny the appeal of their retro, mid-century aesthetic, coupled with form-factors which fit into any home with ease.

The Ruark MRX follows the Ruark template and is crafted in the same mould as their other products. It’s a compact little unit, being smaller than the width of an LP record sleeve. The Ruark MRX is, therefore, ideal anywhere you want music, unobtrusively, in your home.

Available in either walnut veneer, or a soft grey lacquer finish, the Ruark MRX looks resplendent sat upon its anodised aluminium stand with contrasting “lead grey” fabric grille. An ugly plastic box, the MRX most certainly isn’t!

Ruark MRX 2

Streaming Heaven

So we know that the Rurak MRX is compact and handsome, but what sets it apart from the other units in Ruark’s range? The Ruark MRX has been built for wireless streaming, first and foremost, and offers a great choice of connection and music options.

Want to stream music from your mobile device? No problem! The MRX’s Bluetooth receiver allows quick and easy connection and incorporates aptX technology for CD quality sound from compatible devices. Add a broadband connection though, and it really comes alive!

Access internet radio and a vast library of music via popular streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer and Tidal. Ruark MRX also allows you to enjoy music stored on networked computers and devices (such as your phone); it really is a great all-rounder for convenient music streaming.

But wait, there’s more! Via Ruark’s “Ruark Link” app, one can control not just one Rurak MRX, but a number of units to create a true multi-room setup! The MRX can be configured to stream to another MRX, or the Ruark R2 Mk3 and R7 Mk3 as part of a multi-room setup. Clever stuff!

Ruark MRX connected

Small Size – Big Sound

Just because the MRX is small, doesn’t mean Ruark have forgotten about sound quality; quite the opposite in fact! Ruark has developed new speaker units, specifically for the MRX, which are based on the driver technology from their award-winning MR1 Bluetooth speaker system.

Rurark has developed a new cone and coil assembly which they’ve coupled to a lightweight yet powerful neodymium magnet system. This, claims Rurak, provides a full-range driver with unrivalled performance; they are then mounted as a stereo pair into a tuned bass reflex enclosure.

Unusually for a product of this type, Ruark have eschewed the fashionable technology of Class-D amplification, and instead opted for a traditional, analogue, high-fidelity, two-channel Class A-B amplifier.

For a small loudspeaker system, Ruark has certainly paid a lot of attention to the design and construction. It’s this attention to detail which we’ve come to expect from Ruark’s wonderful range of compact audio devices.

If you’ve been looking for a streaming music solution which fits unobtrusively in the kitchen, bedroom, or anywhere else in the house, and you’re not prepared to compromise on audio quality, then the Ruark MRX connected wireless speaker is the speaker for you!

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