Posted on Tue, 01 Nov, 2016
Posted by Raven

When you hear the phrase “Bluetooth desktop speakers” you probably don’t automatically think “vinyl”. In fact, that’s probably the last term that springs to mind. Desktop speakers, particularly those of the Bluetooth variety, are more commonly associated with smart-device pairings and home office computers, but pairing them with vinyl is… less common. After all, an analogue sound with an analogue signal needs a similar level of cabling and amplififation in order to transmit it… right?

Well, it would seem that that’s not strictly the case.

Roth Audio VA4 Active Speakers

The Roth Audio VA4 Bluetooth Desktop Speakers prove that pairing a turntable to wireless active speakers is not only possible, but also very effective. They are delightful “straight out of the box” plug and play active speakers which will quickly and easily, allowing the historically cumbersome vinyl set up to become much more free and easy. And yes, that includes the phono stage. The Roth Audio V4A’s have that built in.

Despite the extremely powerful sound they are capable of (let’s face it, analogue sound is no easy challenge) the Roth Audio VA4’s are remarkably compact. And in their selection of three contemporary finishes (red, black and white), they are very sleek and modern looking, with removable grilles. But don’t let that fool you,  the 4” woofers combined with the 1” tweeters deliver a “rich, rewarding and powerful sound” no matter where you place them in the room. It is capable of60-20KHz frequency response (for defined treble and deep bass) and, amplification-wise: 2 x 40W RMS for a surprisingly powerful sound.

Roth Audio VA4

This rich, rewarding powerful sound is made possible, in part, due to the inclusion of Bluetooth AptX, a unique radio algorithm capable of hi-res. However, if you would prefer the more traditional approach, you’re not limited to just using wireless. In fact, these are hugely versatile speakers, providing:

– Phono Input: RCA (Phono)
– Digital In: Optical x 1
– Wireless: Bluetooth (4.0)
– Line In: RCA jack, 3.5mm jack
– Sub Out: 20-220HZ @ ±3dB

A sign of the times, in the best possible way. The Roth Audio V4As are still very new to the market, and haven’t fallen on our ears yet. However, initial reports are very promising, and genuinely intriguing. Could this be the future of vinyl playback? It may not be something that every vinyl fan will latch onto, but it’s certainly an interesting lurch into the future: analogue format and sound, with wireless convenience.

To take a closer look, or to order one in for yourself, click here for the full listing (including detailed tech specs).

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