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Revo impresses with a beautifully designed range of Bluetooth, DAB, FM & Internet radios and portable speakers. Mid-century design has never been more modern!

Revo is a specialist designer of digital audio devices, founded in 2004 by David Baxter and Colin Urie and headquartered in the small Scottish market town of Lanark. Founded in 2004, Revo blends a winning combination of classic, mid-century design cues with practical, functional usability, as well as great audio quality.

Today’s Audio Affair Blog takes a look at the full range of excellent Revo radios and wireless speakers.


Revo Supersignal

The Revo Supersignal harks back to the era of feature design portable radios and represents a super stylish reboot of the traditional transistor radio; this time including the 21st-century modernities and convenience, today’s buyers demand.

In its primary role as a radio, the Revo Supersignal provides access to high-quality FM and DAB Radio reception, with station information displayed clearly upon the Supersignal’s attractive and discrete OLED display, which is hidden when powered off. There’s more than just radio about the Supersignal however…

REVO SuperSignal

Wireless Bluetooth connectivity incorporating Qualcomm’s aptX Bluetooth codec ensures CD-quality Bluetooth streaming from your mobile device; should you have an older style portable device, which only offers a line-output, a pair of RCA line-inputs on the rear of the Revo SuperSignal allows you to connect any stereo device directly.

Revo SuperConnect

The Revo SuperConnect takes the basic concept of the Supersignal and turbo-charges it with the addition of internet radio and network music playing capabilities. By employing advanced DLNA and WLAN technology, the Revo SuperConnect offers unrivalled ability to communicate with external devices and streaming services.

Revo SuperConnect

All the FM and DAB radio functions, as well as the Bluetooth and analogue connections offered by the Supersignal, are present and correct. The addition of wireless network connectivity, however, opens up a world of internet radio listening. Wireless audio playback from external computers and music servers is also possible, as is the ability to utilise Spotify Connect, unlocking over 20 million tracks from the Spotify archive.

If you’re looking for a world of music and radio in one, compact package, then the SuperConnect is a great choice.

Revo Supertone

The Revo Supertone is, in Revos own words, “The Bluetooth wireless speaker for grown-ups“; a wood and metal panacea for all the cheap, plastic boxes promising (and frequently failing to deliver) Hi-Fi quality sound, the Revo Supertone is a high-quality unit for those who refuse to compromise on quality, style or fidelity.

The heart of the Revo Supertone is a compact and efficient, 80 watt Class-D amplifier, which drives a pair of Revo’s signature 3.5” BMR flat-panel speakers, as well as a 6” ported subwoofer. This combination of amplifier and drivers ensure a large, full sound with stacks of grunt and headroom.

Revo Supertone

As you’d expect of any Revo product, the Supertone incorporates extensive connectivity: aptX Bluetooth connectivity is incorporated for portable device connectivity, as is a convenient USB charging socket, if your battery needs a top-up! An array of physical connections including a 3.5mm headphone jack, AUX-IN, digital optical in and stereo RCA in means you’ll never be lacking in connectivity.

Revo Supersystem

The Revo Supersystem is what happens when you combine the amazing connectivity of the SuperConnect with the power and audio performance of the Supertone. The Supersystem, is, in Revo’s own words, “The traditional home stereo system re-imagined for the digital era“.

Revo Supersystem

All the wireless and LAN connectivity of the SuperConnect is present and correct, as is the 80w watt power amplifier and speaker system of the Supertone. Add to this Revo’s UNDOK technology and the potential for wireless multiroom streaming is unlocked, creating a true home audio hub.

UNDOK technology allows music to be wirelessly distributed to other compatible devices in your home, establishing a sophisticated multiroom audio environment. UNDOK is controllable by Revo’s own dedicated UNDOK app, which can be used on any Android or iOS portable device. The Revo Supersystem is a premium solution for those seeking maximum connectivity in a minimalist package.

Revo SuperCD

Finally, for those who still enjoy listening to the venerable Compact Disc alongside today’s wireless and streaming sources, Revo offers the SuperCD.
The Revo SuperCD, is in essence, the Supersystem, with an inbuilt CD transport; the SuperCD is the flagship model in an exceptional range of compact, stylish, yet high-performance radios and speaker systems.

Revo SuperCD

If style, performance and convenience are high on your shopping list, then you owe it to yourself to check out the excellent range from Revo.

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