Posted on Wed, 26 Oct, 2016
Posted by Raven

Revo make radios. That’s what Revo have always done, and always done well. But if these were any old radios, it wouldn’t be worth writing about. And yet, Revo are probably our most remarked upon radio-specialist brand. Why? Because they build beautiful, functional and exciting radios with big, big differences.

Their latest series, the “Super Series” is their most recent offering to the world of “radio with a difference”, a series which has a very striking flagship model.


The Revo Supersystem All-In-One System is a hi-fi quality speaker and radio, in one convenient and tidy box. It is, as mentioned before, the flagship of Revo’s new Super Series, which features the Revo SuperConnect and the Revo SuperSignal beneath it in smaller, less feature-laden and less powerful incarnations.

Like everything else that Revo makes, it’s build quality is exceptional. It’s heavy, it’s robust, and it boasts the same kind of sturdiness its distinctive retro-looks hint at. Its design has garnered it a number of five star awards already, with some describing it as “industrial” in strength and endurance.


Being the flagship model of an esteemed brand, great efforts have been made to ensure that every detail is well looked after, with every scrap of the design and build feared towards audio performance first and foremost, and usability second.

Take the materials, for instance. The SuperSystem is crafted using the finest materials and components:

“…its all-wood cabinet with anodised aluminium and mild steel facia and back plate complement its advanced electronics beautifully. A detailed graphical OLED display and joystick control add a touch of modernity, while twin 3.5” BMR speaker drivers and integrated active subwoofer deliver 80 Watts of clear room-filling digital audio with pin-sharp clarity and deep, satisfying bass.”


It handles everything to a point where it’s only really the features you need to concern yourself with. And it has pretty much every bass covered.Network audio and WLAN technology enables wireless audio playback from PCs, servers and the like, while AptX Bluetooth handles audiophile grade streaming from devices. With all of that, Spotify Connect seems almost excessive, yet is included as default. And that’s before we even get to the DAB+, FM and internet radio features.

But one of the best features is the inclusion of UNDOK. UNDOK centralises control of SuperSystem’s various functions including DAB, Internet radio and FM, Spotify Connect, Network Audio and USB audio playback, all of which can be easily distributed multiroom wirelessly, using a special app on your device. This puts you in complete control of everything the SuperSystem has to offer, no matter where you are in the house. With it, you can either play different tracks in different rooms, or fill the whole house with one sound. Ideal for parties, or simply pottering about.

When you hear how it sounds, you’ll be glad of that control. The fine attention to detail and the care taken in building the SuperSystem has resulted is open sound with clarity, detail and deep rich bass. No colouration, no distortion. Some sources say that it doesn’t work particularly well in smaller rooms, but that’s a very minor gribble.

Like what you see? Click here to take a closer look and read more about the features and tech specs.


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  1. Steven Morrison says:

    I bought one of these a while ago. its great. They sell refurbed units direct to customers on ebay for £399, at a £250 saving over new retail. They look brand new to me too so quite a deal really for what you get.

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