Posted on Wed, 12 Nov, 2014
Posted by Peter



The Mu-so just got even better! If you’re one of our many lucky customers to have bagged yourself a Naim Mu-so – listen up! You won’t need us to tell you how good they are, if you are one of those. They flew out of our warehouse as soon as they landed, and a delivery has barely touched the shelves before flying straight out again. Customers love them just as much critics do… and we’ve probably written about them more than any other product (… even before this particular blog came to life!), so it’s pretty obvious how much we love them. But we’re here to talk about something other than how much we love the Mu-so… we’re hear to talk about the new removable grilles.


All Mu-sos come with a black grille as standard, but all of these can be removed and replaced with one of the three vibrant alternatives: orange, teal and red, so you can customise your Naim to suit its surroundings. Or simply your personality! The new grilles add a level of etherealness to the Mu-so, and each one dramatically changes its appearance. And at just £65.94, it isn’t too pricey to do so. Hell, you could probably get all three if you really wanted to. Swapping and changing at the drop of a hat – all dependent on your mood at the time!

If you haven’t got yourself a Mu-so yet, we have them in stock and ready to go. And… well, we’ve already told you how good they are. You’re probably sick of that by now.

Have a nice picture of them instead, with their lovely colourful grilles.



We didn’t think the Mu-so could get any better. But it has. A simple change in colour can go a very long way… and who knows, maybe one day there will be more! We don’t think Naim is quite finished with their bold new product. Not just yet.