Posted on Wed, 05 Jul, 2017
Posted by Bob

The newly released Quadraspire SOUNDSTAGE is a super easy and convenient way to give your turntable the isolation from resonance it deserves.

Yes, it’s OK to admit it, your turntable *might* not be positioned in the perfect spot, and it might not have the correct level of isolation from the speakers and environmental resonance you might ideally like. It’s OK, you’re amongst friends here, we understand.

Now, thanks to Quadraspire, there’s an extremely affordable, effective solution to isolating your turntable: the Quadraspire SOUNDSTAGE.


Quadaraspire SOUNDSTAGE and deck


Why do I need isolation?

A turntable is a uniquely physical replay medium, relying fundamentally on the transmission of energy and vibrations; this, of course, means that any external vibrations are also transmitted through into the pickup cartridge. In a worse case scenario, this results in feedback

Feedback at its extreme will send your whole system into uncontrolled resonance, far from ideal! On a more practical level, heavy footsteps can disrupt playback and even cause the stylus to skip. It’s not just turntables which can potentially benefit, either…

Most audiophiles agree that many hi-fi components can be affected by microphony and vibration; CD players, for instance, may suffer from increased jitter and error correction due to vibration. Hard disk players? The result may be very much the same.

Most turntable (and Hi-Fi) manufacturers make some attempt to isolate the turntable plinth in some way; what if your beloved turntable sounds great but suffers from a lack of acoustic isolation though? Buy a new turntable? Thankfully there’s a simple solution…

Quadraspire SOUNDSTAGE

Newly released at the Bristol Hi-Fi show, the Quadraspire SOUNDSTAGE is a highly convenient, highly affordable method of increasing the isolation and reducing the resonance of your favourite turntable. All in a highly attractive and easy to accommodate package.

The Quardaspire SOUNDSTAGE shelf is made from solid bamboo combined with solid bronze feet. Extensive research by Quadraspire revealed that a light, rigid construction using solid bamboo and bronze opened up the soundstage and resulted in “a clearer, cleaner musical performance“.


Quadaraspire SOUNDSTAGE shelf


Unlike some pieces of Hi-Fi furniture, the Quadraspire SOUNDSTAGE will fit in virtually any place your existing turntable does. It’s simple, elegant design allows the user to simply place the turntable on top of the SOUNDSTAGE, to benefit from the improvements offered.

The SOUNDSTAGE is a handsome solution which compliments most Hi-Fi equipment, aesthetically, as well as offering a highly cost-effective solution to effective acoustic isolation.

Accommodates virtually all Turntables

Measuring 440x360mm, the Quadraspire SOUNDSTAGE is large enough to accommodate most turntables. It will support up to 10kg and thanks to the mild flexibility of bamboo, will naturally self-level.

The SOUNDSTAGE can be sited virtually anywhere: whether on top of a cabinet or sideboard or hidden away within a cabinet, the Quadraspire SOUNDSTAGE is highly accommodating to you and your environment.

For turntables with three feet, the SOUNDSTAGE can be reconfigured from four feet to three feet, with one placed centre rear. No lasting modifications are required, meaning the SOUNDSTAGE can accommodate for virtually any potential future turntable.

Made in Britain and priced at an extremely wallet-friendly £99.95, the Quadraspire SOUNDSTAGE is almost a ‘no-brainer’ when it comes to upgrading your vinyl system.

The full Quadraspire Range

Should you be in the market for Hi-Fi furniture, the outstanding qualities of the SOUNDSTAGE are carried over into the full range of Quality Hi-Fi furniture manufactured by Quadraspire.

From full Hi-Fi stands, speaker stands and ‘lifters’ to LP storage, Quadraspire offers a quality, British made piece of furniture for most any situation. If you feel, like us, that Quality Hi-Fi deserves quality furniture to go with it, then look no further than Quadraspire.



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