Posted on Tue, 20 Mar, 2018
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Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile turntable takes Pro-Ject’s classic Debut design and gives it a new spin, with enhanced features for this budget legend.

The Pro-Ject Debut is one of the all-time turntable hall-of-fame legends. Whilst many turntables have attained this status through exotic design, or a devoted following of cultist audiophiles, the Pro-Ject Debut became a legend for its unbeatable Bang-for-Buck.

The latest revision, the Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile, introduces a number of design firsts for Pro-Ject…

Pro-Ject Debut IIIS Audiophile

Pro-Ject Debut – The Budget King

Launched at a time when CD was very much king, the original 1990s Pro-Ject Debut has often been credited with being an instrumental part of the vinyl revival. Affordability and Bang-for-Buck have always been two key features of the Pro-Jet Debut range, which originally formed the entry point into Pro-Ject’s turntable lineup.

Times change and the Austro/Czech company now offer turntables which sit both below and considerably above the Pro-Ject Debut in terms of price and affordability. Think of Pro-Ject, however, and it’s still very much the Debut model which is synonymous with the brand.

Timed to coincide with Pro-Ject’s new and expanded Austrian headquarters, and the launch of a new company logo, the Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile represents the debut in name and intention. Immediately recognisable as a Pro-Ject Debut, the keen eye will spot a number of new design changes…

Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile

The most obvious feature of the new Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile is the new tonearm. All Pro-Ject Debut turntables have previously featured a simple yet efficient, straight tonearm; the Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile eschews this for something rather more vintage in style.

Featuring, for the first time on a Debut series turntable, an S-shape tonearm, the Debut III S Audiophile benefits from this stylish yet functional tonearm upgrade. Frequently stated to offer benefits in terms of reduced tracking errors and record wear, there can be no doubt that it’s a stylish and welcome upgrade.

Pro-Ject Debut IIIS side shot

As is traditional, Pro-Ject has teamed up, once again, with Danish phono cartridge experts Ortofon. We’ve grown accustomed to the Debut series offering an Ortofon OM series cartridge (an audio stalwart in its own right); for the Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile, however, Ortofon has created a bespoke cartridge.

Designed exclusively for Pro-Ject Audio Systems, and based upon the Ortofon OM series, the Pick-IT 25 A is a moving-magnet cartridge employing highly conductive and exotic silver spools in the generator system for a superior sound performance and a “very harmonic and warm, audiophile sound”.

Enhanced and Improved

The Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile builds upon the strengths of the classic Debut design; the same belt-drive motor, AC generator and 12” platter assembly of the award-winning Debut Carbon model are borrowed for the Debut III S, ensuring a silent, stable performance.

Continuing the quest for stability and isolation, the Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile employs aluminium/TPE isolation feet; a feature only found in the more expensive designs in the Pro-Ject range. This new foot design assists in decoupling the playback platform from unwanted vibrations.

Available in any colour, so long as its black or white, the high-gloss finishes display the classic no-nonsense quality we’ve come to expect from the Pro-Ject Debut. There are no fussy or ornate finishes here to push the price up; your money is being spent on solid engineering and audible enhancements.

Debut IIIS Audiophile cartridge

The Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile is the first turntable of Pro-ject’s to feature their minimalist new logo. Displayed proudly in the corner of the high-gloss MDF plinth as well as the supplied dust cover, it signifies a new era for Pro-ject.

For those seeking a high-quality, great sounding, “plug and play” turntable at an affordable price, the Pro-Ject Debut has always been a great choice. With the Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile turntable, the choice just got even easier.

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