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Primare’s 30 series pre/power amplifiers offer superb sound quality & flexibility, coupled with contemporary design and good value.

Since their introduction, almost twenty years ago, Primare’s 30 series of Hi-Fi components have offered a great combination of superb contemporary design, high-quality build and of course, superb quality Hi-Fi reproduction. Occupying the “upper-mid” tier of Primare’s product range, they’re arguably the “sweet spot” in Primare’s lineup.

Now, with a series of limited time offers, we’re able to offer incredible deals on 30 series components and packages. Let’s remind us of this great line of Swedish Hi-Fi components…

Primare PRE32 A34.2

Primare PRE32 preamplifier

Primare’s PRE32 preamplifier forms the main “building block” for any 20 series based Hi-Fi setup. As with any preamplifier, its performance and audio characteristics must be of the highest quality possible in order to allow your other components to perform to their optimum.

Primare designed the PRE32 around a fully-balanced architecture, just like professional recording and studio equipment. Balanced signal transfer results in lower noise and distortion, and to this end the Primare PRE32 features two pairs of balanced XLR connections as well as four pairs of unbalanced RCA. Both balanced and unbalanced outputs are provided for connection to external equipment.

Primare PRE32

Analogue inputs aren’t the end of the Primare PRE32’s abilities, however; by adding the optional digital upgrade module thePRE32 discovers a world of digital connectivity including network streaming, aptX enabled Bluetooth, computer streaming over USB, DAB radio and conventional optical/coaxial digital inputs.

For such a relatively modest outlay, the digital upgrade board is virtually a “no-brainer” option, which enhances the already impressive breadth of talents of the Primare PRE32.


The Primare PRE32’s clean, modern design is aided by an attractive OLED display and a comprehensive menu-based control system which is borrowed from Primare’s award-winning I32 integrated amplifier. Of course, all that visual design counts for little if the audio performance isn’t up to scratch…

Making extensive use of Burr-Brown op-amps throughout, and with short, optimised signal paths, the PRE32 is a premium performer. Hi-Fi news’ extensive review awarded the PRE32 a “Highly Recommended” award, going on to say that the Primare PRE32, “stays true to the purity of the music, yet without sounding clinical”

Primare PRE32 back

Primare Power Amplification

An often overlooked component, good quality power amplification can make a dramatic difference to the presentation of your music. Dynamics, transients and tonal structure can all be compromised by the wrong power amplifier. Thankfully Primare offers a range of high-quality, high-performance amplifiers which are an ideal match for the PRE32

The most commonly partnered amplifier with the PRE32 is Primare’s A34.2 stereo, bridgeable power amplifier. The A34.2 offers a remarkably clean and powerful 150w per channel, in a compact, efficient amplifier, thanks to proprietary UFPD amplifier technology.

Primare A34.2


Primare’s UFPD technology is based on Class D amplifier technology; Primare are keen to point out, however, that UFPD implements Class D in a very different way to most “digital” amplifiers: “While some Class D amps may indeed be controlled by digital circuits or include digital signal processing devices, Primare’s UFPD modules operate entirely in the analogue domain” .

The main advantages of UFPD are a massively reduced amplifier size and power consumption for the relative output of the amplifier. Primare also claims exceptional transient response and transparency, as a result of this super-efficient method of operation.

For those looking for a “weapons grade” amplifier solution, for big numbers and big power, two A34.2 amplifiers can be used, with each amplifier running as a bridged, mono amplifier. This gives 550w per amplifier, for a huge 1.1kW output as a stereo pair!

Primare A32

Fancy something more traditionally “beefy”? Looking for a truly “grunty” one-box stereo amplifier solution? Then take a look at Primare’s A32 Power Amplifier. A traditional, class AB “super amplifier”, the Primare A32 is an imposing monolith of power with refinement.

So opined Hi-Fi Choice, “Make no mistake, the raw power and the fireworks are there when required, but the Primare [A32] sounds so natural and at home, it often sounds like a much smaller and more agile design”

Primare: precision and refinement

Whatever component you choose from the excellent Primare 300 series, you’re assured of contemporary design, high build quality and superb audio performance and presentation. A system for the modern, progressive audiophile, Primare offers something genuinely unique in the Hi-Fi world.

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