Posted on Thu, 21 Dec, 2017
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Plus Audio’s +Record Player provides a stylish, retro and high-quality solution to a vinyl-based all-in-one Hi-Fi system.

Plus Audio’s +Record Player embodies the style and design of this new name in the world of audio design; founded by some of the top names in the industry, Plus Audio fuse timeless design with modern technology to reinvigorate and modernise traditional designs for the 21st Century. Their latest design, the +Record Player, is an all-in-one, vinyl based, music centre.

Hang on a moment! An all-in-one music centre being featured on The Audio Affair Blog? This had better be something special…

+Record Player

Separates quality, in an all-in-one solution?

Here at The Audio Affair Blog, we’re a blog for audiophiles, written by audiophiles; one thing matters to us more than anything, and that’s sound quality. It’s for that reason that we’d normally recommend any of our readers to steer clear of all-in-one audio solutions; especially when vinyl is involved.

Yes, we’ve all seen those briefcase shaped things being sold in high-street fashion outlets, and internally screamed in horror at the torture they’ll be inflicting on any poor LP which is played upon one. That’s before we talk about the disappointing sound quality…

Whilst all-in-one solutions are, of course, very convenient, they have often trailed behind the traditional choice of the Audiophile; a hand-selected, carefully tuned selection of premium Hi-Fi components. Inevitably, an all-in-one solution has to make compromises in the name of reducing physical size, and in some cases in cutting costs.

The reason, dear reader, you’re seeing an all-in-one solution in the pages of The Audio Affair Blog, is because Plus Audio’s +Record Player is something very special indeed. Can this really be the Holy Grail? The all-in-one vinyl music centre which sounds great, looks great and doesn’t destroy your records?

Plus Audio +Record Player in use

An innovative solution designed by industry greats

Plus Audio was founded by and is driven by, some well-known names from the Hi-Fi world, giving you reassurance that the design behind the +Record Player is pure Hi-Fi. Experts from the world of furniture and product design, and ex-members of JBL, NAD and Cambridge Soundworks were all involved in the design of the +Record Player.

So, what are the features which set the Plus Audio +Record Player apart? Let’s start with the turntable itself; eagle-eyed vinyl enthusiasts will recognise the design to originate from respected turntable manufacturers, Pro-Ject. Plus Audio have effectively grafted a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable, replete with Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, directly into the +Record Player.

Plus Audio +Record Player front walnut

One of the challenges in placing a turntable and tonearm into the same enclosure as the speakers is that the potential for acoustic feedback is greatly exacerbated. The +Record player features a patent-pending technology developed by Bob Hazelwood, which circumvents this problem, allowing for powerful, low-frequency reproduction down to 50Hz.

Another potential problem of an all-in-one system, with closely spaced stereo speakers, is that the soundstage can often seem very small and one-dimensional.  The +Record Player includes an exclusive “Wide” mode for “room-enveloping spatial enhancement”, which really fills your space with a much wider soundstage than you’d imagine possible.

+Record Player – versatile stylish and convenient

The Plus Audio +Record Player has the necessary Hi-Fi “ticky boxes” covered then; sound quality and audio design being present in spades. What about aesthetic design and versatility though? Surely the main reasons anyone would choose an “all-in-one” solution?

The +Record Player is especially handsome, utilising a retro “mid-century” design aesthetic, which clearly pulls on 20th Century Scandinavian design cues. Available in either walnut or maple wood finishes, the +Record Player makes a stylish statement, replete with attractive perspex cover, and metal and fabric accents.

Plus Audio +Record Player rear walnut

Today’s audio enthusiasts are likely to blend a mixture of audio sources; both traditional analogue and digital connectivity is required by today’s discerning listener. In this regard, the +Record Player does not disappoint, with a plethora of both analogue and digital connections.

Two analogue auxiliary inputs are provided, along with an optical SPDIF input; ideal for connection to a TV system for example. Computer users will be pleased with the inclusion of a USB interface, allowing playback and recording.

Those who enjoy the convenience of wireless connectivity, likewise, will enjoy the ability to stream audio to the +Record Player, and also the ability to use Bluetooth as well as conventional wired headphones.

Here it is then, the all-in-one music centre, featuring vinyl and digital playback, we can heartily recommend. The Plus Audio +Record Player is a beautiful object, any of us at Audio Affair would be proud to have in our homes.


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