Posted on Fri, 13 Jan, 2017
Posted by Raven

Questyle are a brand that specialise in the design and manufacture of gear for headphones, namely hi-res portable players and headphone amplifiers. And the best thing about highly specialist brands, is the highly special things they come out with.

Take, for instance our new premium headphone amplifier, which just so happens to be the most expensive headphone amplifier we have ever sold. Golden by name, golden by nature:


The Questyle CMA800R Golden Headphone Amplifier would set you back £2799, should you decide its the headphone amplifier for you, just under a grand more than the standard version (the CMA800R) which houses much of the same technology but with one key difference: the presence of  Roberts ceramic PCBs (printed circuit boarded) for ultra-low signal loss alongside modifications to the amp’s famed “current mode”.

What is current mode, exactly? Well, it’s one of the things that makes the Questyle CMA800R as significant as it is:

Current Mode Amplification technology provides the airiness and musicality of a tube amp while maintaining the speed and accuracy of transistors. In current mode amplification, the signal is amplified by modulating current instead of Voltage. It is widely applied in the high-speed communication industry and the video processing industry, but it is Questyle Audio’s patented technology as applied to headphone amplifiers.


But there’s more to the it than that, the golden exterior of the golden headphone amplifier is actually a 10mm thick aluminium cover and chassis (that’s both the upper and lower halves) engineered to precision by CNC tooling machines. This is owed to Questyle having access to some serious resources, namely Foxconn. The result is a hugely well-constructed and solid headphone amplifier with casing designed to resist both vibration and radio-frequency/electromagnetic interference.

It’s a headphone amp which has been shown an extraordinary amount of love and care from start to finish, with Questyle going the extra mile even once manufacturing and testing has been completed. How many brands do you know which burn in each and every unit for 72 hours before they’re shipped with an individual test report produced by the engineers for each? And yes, a copy of that test report is shipped along with the unit, with one being kept behind just in case there are any problems or questions moving forward.  A luxury the new owners will always have, and a testament to just how seriously Questyle take their jobs.

A premium product and a premium service, but is the sound premium? Well, of course, you will need some very high-end headphones in order to realise its truest potential (it has been praised for its ability to drive even the most demanding of headphones) but should you have those you are in for a truly life-altering sonic experience. Described as a “remarkably vibrant presentation” by critics, this a headphone amp that will take any challenge and deliver with punch, clarity and drive which fully justifies the price, especially when you consider how many high end headphones are out there dying to be driven as they were intended.

Want to try the Questyle CMA800R for yourself? Click here to take a closer look (including the full – and incredibly impressive tech specs) and then get in touch to arrange a demo at your convenience by calling us on 0844 504 0350.


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