Posted on Tue, 22 Aug, 2017
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The Optoma UHD60 and UHD65 projectors bring 4k sharpness and detail to a new price point thanks to the latest integrated technology.

New from Optoma, the UHD60 and UHD65 projectors take advantage of Texas Instruments’ latest 4k DLP single chip technology to bring true CTA High Dynamic Range (HDR) standard projection to the home cinema enthusiast, at a price considerably less than other rivals.

At just £2499 for the UHD60 and £2999 for the UHD65, further investigation is indeed in order!

optoma UHD65

4K UHD for cinema quality projection

Until recently, 4k UHD projection quality was the sole reserve of either commercial cinemas or very wealthy private enthusiasts. Recently, however, a spate of more affordably priced projectors have made 4k UHD projection ever more accessible.

Bringing that entry point ever closer are the Optoma UHD60 and UHD65 projectors; featuring true, Consumer Technology Association (CTA) certified 4K UHD and CTA High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatible display standard compliance.

Taking advantage of Texas Instruments’ first-ever DLP, single-chip, 4K UHD device, permits the Optoma UHD60 and UHD65 to offer image a degree of image integrity and quality (over 8 million pixels to screen) at a previously unheard of price.

optoma uhd65

Optoma UHD60 and UHD65

The Optoma UHD60 and UHD65 both offer remarkable ‘bang for buck’ with distinct and unique benefits, qualities and price points. Both the Optoma UHD60 and UHD65 offer outstandingly sharp Ultra HD 4K  resolution, 8.3 million pixels and amazing HDR colour.

The common qualities between the Optoma UHD60 and UHD65 also include easy set-up and operation; aligning your picture to your screen is made easy, regardless of projector positioning, thanks to vertical lens shift and a 1.6x manual zoom.

Additionally, both the Optoma UHD60 and UHD65 feature an integrated speaker (ideal for impromptu setups), USB power (ideal for content streaming dongles etc) and whisper quiet operation (-25db in Eco mode).

UHD60 vs UHD65

The Optoma UHD60 and UHD65 occupy a very similar price point; £2499 for the UHD60 and £2999 for the UHD65. It pays, in this instance, however, to ignore the price tag and focus on the performance aspects of the two projectors.

The UHD65 is the projector to choose if pure image quality is your main concern; those equipping a dedicated home cinema should pay close attention to the UHD65. The UHD65 is the only projector of the pair to offer PureMotion frame-interpolation processing and the highest contrast ratio of the two projectors at 1,200,000:1

As is typical of DLP projectors, the UHD60 and UHD65 rely on a ‘colour wheel’ to split the primary light colours reaching the DLP chip. The UHD65 utilises an RGBRGB colour wheel, which is partly responsible for its great performance figures. In contrast (pun unintended), the UHD60 utilises a simpler RGB colour wheel.

optoma uhd60

The UHD60’s simpler RGB colour wheel results in a greater degree of unfiltered white light passing through, at the expense of outright image performance. However, this imbues the UHD60 a much higher, 3000-lumen output, versus the UHD65’s 2200 lumen rating.

The UHD60, therefore, may well be the better choice for day to day, ‘lights on, curtains open’ viewing, where practicalities may override absolute image performance. With that said, do not discount the performance of the UHD60. Both projectors are capable of sharpness and resolution far above any 1080p projector at this price point.

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