Posted on Thu, 21 May, 2015
Posted by Peter

We’ve been impressed with the Oppo HA2 since it first hit the shelves, and it seems now that it’s not just us that love this little Headphone Amp/Dac combination… The team at AV Forums have recently extensively reviewed the HA2, and given it the coveted ‘Best Buy’ award.

[If you still haven’t got an Oppo HA2 Headphone Amplifier, you can buy yours here]


“The Oppo is not an entirely mainstream product. For the most part, people are content to use the headphone output of their smartphone and be done with it. Spending £260 on a product to boost that performance is a fairly unusual thing to do. This being said though, the market that the Oppo partially targets – the dedicated audio player one – is small but seems to be on the upward trend and this is priced at a level that makes is a noteworthy alternative.

Where the Oppo is unquestionably going to make an impact is that this is a crushingly competent piece of equipment for the asking price. Unlike the dedicated audio players, the Oppo can provide the same boost to a computer and does so while looking and feeling fantastic, offering a truly killer specification and providing trickle charge functionality for your portable device. If you have a smartphone you like and have been looking at a dedicated portable audio player, this is a halfway house you need to try first.”

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