Posted on Fri, 09 Mar, 2018
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TEAC launch a trio of new models which include a high-quality network audio player, a combined USB DAC headphone amplifier and the new concept of a master clock generator.

Fresh off the back of the Bristol Hi-Fi show, come TEAC’s trio of new audiophile focussed Hi-Fi components: The NT-505 Network Player, the UD-505 USB DAC and combined headphone amplifier, and most intriguingly the CG10M Master Clock Generator.

Let’s investigate this intriguing, terrific trio of TEAC Hi-Fi loveliness…

TEAC new units

TEAC CG10M Master Clock Generator

You may well be asking yourself, “what is a master clock, and why do I need one?”; it’s a perfectly valid question and one deserving of an explanation. Firstly, it’s important to understand that every digital audio device has what’s called a “clock”; in effect a master time source.

Digital audio is dependent upon a stable and reliable frequency standard or “clock” with which to reference the sample rate. For example, even a legacy format such as CD, needs to be accurate to 44.1 thousand samples, every single second. For DSD, that frequency standard needs to be accurate to within millionths of a second!

If the timing of the master clock varies between samples, a term called “jitter” then the reconstructed analogue signal will be subject to distortion. It is therefore extremely important that the master timing standard, the clock, is as accurate as possible.

In the world of professional recording, it is not uncommon to have a high-quality master clock source, which all other digital devices are referenced to. Taking this philosophy, TEAC has produced what may be the world’s first master clock generator designed for the audiophile; the TEAC CG10M Master Clock Generator.


The TEAC CG10M relies on a temperature controlled crystal “oven” to generate an exceptionally stable master clock reference, which can be used to sync up to four device cable of receiving a 10Mhz BNC clock signal. A stable temperature for the master crystal is vital to ensuring a stable clock source.

With this in mind, TEAC employs a sealed “oven” which ensures an extremely stable and consistent operating temperature, and hence, a stable and consistent digital clock source. A meter on the front of the CG10M indicates when the oven temperature has stabilised.

Naturally, all surrounding circuitry and build are optimised to ensure stability and low noise: a toroidal power supply, a robust metal chassis for screening, and TEAC’s patented “pinpoint” isolating feet, all contribute to ensuring an exceptionally stable and reliable master clock source.

TEAC CG10M oven


Designed to take advantage of the CG10M’s master clock signal, the TEAC NT-505 is a high-performance MQA network audio and streaming player, which employs high-quality DAC conversion in the form of the flagship VERITA AK4497 DAC from Asahi Kasei

The TEAC NT-505 supports playback over LAN, aptX Bluetooth, USB and Tidal/Qobuz streaming services. It also features an extremely high quality, analogue output stage, with the choice of balanced or unbalanced connections as well as a dedicated headphone amplifier circuit.



The TEAC UD-505 is a compact, high-performance USB DAC and headphone amplifier designed to support and take advantage of high sample rate and Hi-Res audio formats. It’s also designed to accept the 10MhZ clock signal from the TEAC CG10M master clock generator, for exceptional performance.


Very much designed with the latest formats in mind, the TEAC UD-505 supports the high-end Pentaconn headphone connection standard, for balanced connection, as well conventional 1/4″ headphone jack connections.More than just a headphone amplifier, the UD-505 will function as a digital preamp, with both balanced and unbalanced outputs.

With USB, Bluetooth aptX and even an analogue line input on offer, the TEAC UD-505 offers superb connectivity and surprising versatility.

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