Posted on Sun, 06 Nov, 2016
Posted by Raven

Did you know the legendary Naim Uniti range is getting a huge revamp? The release is staggered, with only one model (the entry-model) currently available, but with more scheduled for the coming months and early 2017, it won’t be long before a the old Uniti range has been completely overridden with the next generation of all in one systems, brought up to spec and with features designed to accommodate an ever-evolving marketplace.

We’ve already given an overview of what to expect from the new range in this blog, but we’re taking some time to give you a glimpse into what you can expect from each model in turn.

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The Naim Uniti Star All-in-One System. A versatile all-in-one sound system designed to replace the Uniti 2 and drawing inspiration from the successes of the Mu-So all-in-one wireless speaker system. It sits in the middle of the three-model range, above the entry-level Atom and the flagship Nova. Much like the Uniti 2 before it, it maintains its position in the range as the most versatile of the systems, enabling playback for CD and Radio alongside high-resolution music streaming functionality and Bluetooth compatibility. Perhaps its most convenient feature is the ability to rip and store your CD collection, and play it back at CD quality.

Even though they knew an upheaval was on the cards, those responsible for designing the new range were keen to continue upholding Naim’s core design principles:

From the finned aluminium heat sinks inspired by the Statement flagship amplification system, to the brushed black aluminium casing, the illuminated signature volume control and exquisitely lit base – Naim considered every little detail to achieve striking aesthetics filled with features and technology that attain reference-level sound quality.” ~ Naim.


Built around the “service of the sound”, and adhering to the Naim core principles, the Naim Uniti  Star features extruded aluminium heat sinks to extract heat to optimise thermal stabilit, resulting in an increase in stamina and, of course, an improved overall performance. Couple this with a focus on minimising interference between components in the core of the design, and you have a beautifully streamlined system which sounds distinctly “separate”. The delicate components are shielded by brushed aluminium top plates, which works on both an aesthetic level, and a practical one, as they are CNC-fabricated for absolute accuracy.

Aside from the features you’d expect from the successor to the Uniti 2, there are several other features to benefit the user. There’s a full-colour 5” LCD glass display, which is both beautiful and easy to use. It’s fitted with a proximity sensor that “wakes up” when it’s approached, which is a feature it and the other models in the range will certainly be remembered. The Intuitive Naim app is aptly named, but there’s also a bidirectional smart remote supplied for those who don’t wish to carry their phone at all times, however useful that is to control the multiroom functionality. Like everything else in the new Uniti range, it’s able to sync up with up to six other Unitis for a full and versatile multi-room that doesn’t require any other speakers.

As mentioned previously, the Naim Uniti Star isn’t currently available for purchase, but it will be sooner than you think. If you’d like to be among the first to bring a new Uniti into your life, please call us on 0844 50 403 50 to discuss your options. For a closer look at everything that’s currently known about it, please click here for the full listing and tech specs.


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