Posted on Thu, 17 Nov, 2016
Posted by Raven

When you hear the words “reference” and “Naim” in one sentence, you know you’re about to witness something truly incredible. And, for the first time in a very long time, this blog is about something other than the Naim SuperUniti. In fact, this is the next in line. A very worthy successor, to a very proud lineage.



The Naim Uniti Nova All-in-One System, the flagship in the newly revamped Naim Uniti range, towering above the lesser models of the Core, the Atom and the Star, each designed to step into the shoes if the varios models of Uniti before them. As you have likely gathered, the Naim Uniti Nova is the successor to what has been regarded as one of the finest examples of all-in-one systems yet: the Naim SuperUniti, building on the original flagship system in a number of ways.

It wouldn’t be a Naim product, if it wasn’t painstakingly designed to within the tiniest millimetre. It uses premium grade components throughout, including finned aluminium heatsinks to maximise thermal stability, encased in CNC fabricated brushed black aluminium. It looks like a warship, and it behaves like one in the best possible way. Inside this robust yet elegant exterior is the delicacy of the discrete components, including a “massive” toroidal transformer.



Like the other models in the new Uniti range, the Naim Uniti Nova has been inspired in part by the tremendous successes of the Naim Mu-So and the Mu-So Qb, in the sense that it functions as an active speaker as well as a streamer, a server, a CD player… and practically everything else you could care to muster. It also functions as an amplifier capable of driving “even the most arduous of speakers”, providing: 80 watts per channel of Class AB amplification.

It seeks to permanently dispel any notion that an all-in-one system is nothing but a convenient gimmick, with its makers claiming it is able to produce powerful audiophile grade high fidelity sound, regardless of the source. Combine all of the that with a a full-colour 5” LCD glass display, a newly improved app and a new signature volume control.

As the Nova isn’t due for release until early 2017 (click here to preorder) all we can do is speculate about what it will actually be like, feel like and sound like. But if history is taken into the equation, it’s likely to be a game changing system capable of some pretty extraordinary things.

Want to take a closer look? Click here for the full listing (including tech specs). Want to speak to someone about a demo in 2017? Call us on 0844 504 0350 and we will set you up with a professional demo.

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