Posted on Fri, 21 Oct, 2016
Posted by Raven

If you love hi-fi, then it’s very likely you’ve heard of Naim, and the Naim Uniti range. The most recent line included the Qute 2 as the “entry-level” model of the range (if such a thing is possible with such a high end brand), alongside the Uniti 2 and the flagship Super Uniti 2, which came along to replace the original Uniti range. All all-in-one speakers with varying levels of feature and amplification, and all high-profile streaming systems. All-in-all, the Uniti streamers have proven even more popular than their many (and varied) high-end amplifiers.

Now, Naim have been known to show an excellent level of longevity. Units which haven’t changed in years frequently hold their own against newly designed ones, and are even seen as the better option. As a result, the second line of unities which have been out for a long time now have still proven themselves to be one of the most favoured line of all-in-ones that we have ever known.

Nonetheless, it was only a matter of time before Naim decided to bring Uniti up to speed. We’ve already written a full feature of the Uniti range which you can read here, but today I will be taking a closer look the Qute 2’s replacement…

naim uniti atom

That striking looking machine is the Naim Uniti Atom All-in-One System. A complete redesign of the unit it replaces, including its casing. And seeing as Naim hasn’t changed it’s overall look in a number of decades, this in itself is worth a mention. It has built in many of the features and technologies from the hugely Mu-So and Mu-So Qb models, as well as the Qute 2, making this a range that amalgamates the many teachings of both the Uniti and the Mu-so into one.

Like the Mu-so, it (and everything else in the new range) it includes full multi room support, and wireless capabilities that you can control from your device. Unlike the Mu-so, it incorporates several other key features which set it apart and make it a true “all in one”. Features such as: UPnP, a hidden wifi antennae (and the literal world of music it provides) CD playback, ripping and storage and high-end amplification.

naim uniti atom
The features are truly plentiful, and vast. Listing them all is a blog on its own. Instead, a word on design. More specifically and the material and electronic components choices crucial or electronic components, all very unique… and very Naim:

“[Naim’s] four engineering fundamentals of circuitry, space, purposeful materiality and technology played a huge part. Each component of the Uniti system case has been rolled or extruded and then machined with computer controlled, liquid cooled numerically controlled cutting equipment (CNC) for absolute dimensional precision. The substantial side heat sinks present in all Uniti products are directly coupled to the individual product floor pans to provide excellent thermal contact and heat transfer. This ensures that heat is removed from the circuitry quickly and efficiently, especially when the amplifier is operating under heavy loads. Thermal stability ensures consistent performance and long component life, two key parameters to the design.”

… couple this keen attention to design detail with the features detailed above, stick a full colour display on the front (which features a proximity sensor which “wakes up” when you approach, just one of the many, gorgeous features on the new Uniti range), and you have an all-in-one system that could change the way you see and use music in your every day life. The fact that it sounds beautiful is almost null and void. Almost.

And yes, it really does sound beautiful.

Like what you see? Click here to take a closer look (and read a little more, this is the kind of thing that a short article barely scratches the surface of). If you’d like to try it out for yourself, give us a shout. Naturally, we will have this (and every other unit in the range) on demo, so come in and see it for yourself (you may need the best part of an afternoon).

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