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British craftspeople with high-end audio loudspeakers speakers and other Hi-Fi equipment, Monitor Audio Ltd. produce premium quality apparatus for commercial and domestic use. As of recently, Audio Affair has introduced Monitor Audio stock to their collection; there is a wide-ranging choice of speakers, stands and packages available via Audio Affair.

Monitor Audio Radius 90HT1 5.1 Speaker Package and Monitor Audio Mass 5.1 Speaker Package + stands (pair)

The Audio Mass 5.1 Speaker Package

This 6-piece collection is comprised of Radius 90 satellites (4), Radius 200 centre channel speaker (1), and a Radio 390 Subwoofer (1). A high-end set retailing for £999, its aesthetically pleasing, with in-depth audio production and minimal setup required. The Radius series modern driver technology to deliver wide and deep sounds in attractive form, and can be wall-mounted with a single wall fixture (¼”;  20TPI). Radius 90 and 200 are fitted with C-CAM drivers and tweeters respectively, and both are designed with HiVe II ports. Meanwhile, the 390 has different EQ settings to tailor for its environment.

The Audio Mass package, conversely, focuses in a budget-conscious realm as a home cinema addition. Designed to visually compliment the home (with discreet cable tidying; internal ribbing; and a black cloth finish), the 10 and Centre make use of 1″ C-CAM + 4″ C-CAM mid-bass drivers, and can both be wall-mounted for practicality. Meanwhile, the W200 is driven by a 10″ ABR. To compliment the ‘Audio Mass’ package, Audio Affair stocks a pair of specially-tailored black stands as a substitute to wall-mounting which still preserves practicality and appearance (see title).

Monitor Audio Monitor MRW-10 Subwoofer

Black and Silver: The MRW-10 Subwoofer

The only single subwoofer of the new set, the MONITOR MRW-10 can combine seamlessly with the C150 (just to name one) speaker to complete a strong sound setup. Powerful bass of <30Hz delivers a rapturous experience, 18mm MDF cabinet construction houses a 10″ long-throw MMP II bass driver, along-with rear ports for powerful amplification.

At 10.54kg, fitted with a 3.5mm jack, and triple bass EQ control, the boxy set throws a good kick.

Monitor Audio Monitor 50 Speakers (Pair)

In a similar feat of design with the trusted box structure, the ’50 are a pair luxurious front grilles in a choice of white or black. Constructed with a-typical rear ports and rear ported bass reflex, it gives out as good of sound as expected for its design. 5.5″ + 6.5″ drivers are essentially multiple models combined to fill a room with a 25mm tweeter (strategically placed in the speaker’s outer corners to reduce overall mass; with dimensions of only 237.8mm) plus max. SPL (109dBA).

Monitor Audio Monitor 100 Speakers (Pair)

The Audio Monitor 100

Keeping in-line with the box design theme, but building on its capabilities and appeal, the slightly larger set of speakers is intrinsically design to be mounted or situated in true bookshelf style. Bright wood (Black, white, or walnut) and decadent orange woofers entrance the listener visually, whilst (in-line with the aforementioned ’50 model) 6.5″ MMP bass drivers are aided with a 25mm C-CAM tweeter – accompanied by the HiVe II technological appeal.

Even in the most prohibitive of placements, the speakers are specifically designed to deliver. This is achieved by utilising two sets of binding post terminals which can assist with bi-wiring and bi-amp setup. Unlike many other larger sets, this well-damped model is suitable for situation near a wall.

Monitor Audio Monitor 200 Speakers (Pair) +  Monitor Audio Monitor 300 Speakers (Pair)

Segueing into floor standing models, the similar ‘200 and ‘300 act as both entry-level and front-runner, respectively, into this specific type of speaker.

The ‘200 is gorgeous – with glossy white / black exteriors to appeal to those who cherish appearance. Similar to the above models, it is constructed with MONITOR’s 5.5″ + 6.5″ drivers, but is buoyed by the floor standing design, further pushing and illustrating its auditory capabilities.

With bass/mid cone construction (2 lots of 5.5″ MMP II), the flagship 25mm black C-CAM twitter (but in dome form) all in a weighted package of 10.82kg, the ‘200 proves that entry-level is no less useful, likely to prove enthralling for users who are just voyaging into the use of slick floor-based speakers.

Meanwhile, the ‘300 excels ahead of its more simpler counterpart, designed to fill rooms, envelope users with textured bass, and convey crisp, precise audio quality. With the same bass apparatus and tweeter, this is a knowingly reliable model choice. Though, this iteration is equipped with driving force for audiophiles with an understanding of sound quality and depth. SPL maxes at 115 dBa, and frequency response stands at 35-30K Hz.

Monitor Audio Monitor C150 Centre Speaker

The C150 in white, with black bezels and orange woofers

Finally, in a change of form – the C150 is a centre 2-way speaker, designed to be mixed with any other speaker within the same range in-order to form an element of a home audio system.

Twin 5.5″ MMP II drivers are clear and concise in their ability to output audio. They work together to give an optimum audio output. Its maximum SPL is 111 dBa, and it (naturally) comes with the trusted 25mm black C-CAM dome Tweeter, along with HiVe II technology – all in a neatly sealed 5.4kg body. Its design ensures that airflow is consistent, which allows for tighter bass and a much better flow of audio quality.

C150’s shape is suited to cabinets and shelves, and the unique design means it is still functional (with no impedance on audio quality) when placed against a wall.

To read more, you can view the Monitor Audio section on our website

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