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Mission QX speaker range builds on the success of Mission’s budget LX series loudspeakers with an eight-strong line of high quality, affordable loudspeakers.

Mission: one of the “household names” in Hi-Fi, and one which has been around since the 1970s. Always recognised as being innovators and adopters of new technology, Mission loudspeakers have gone on to win awards and places in the homes of Hi-Fi enthusiasts everywhere.

Building upon the success of their entry-level LX series, Mission introduces their QX loudspeaker range aimed at bringing extraordinary value to the Hi-Fi and AV enthusiast…

Mission QX

Mission QX Range

Bringing over 40 years of audio expertise to the table, Mission introduces an all-new range in the shape of the Mission QX loudspeaker range. Designed to offer a winning combination of attractive and arresting styling, impressive performance, and great value, the QX range sits above Mission’s hugely successful, entry-level LX range.

The Mission QX Range comprises of eight separate models, encompassing bookshelf and floor-standing designs alongside centre channel and subwoofer speakers; there’s certain to be something to interest the Audiophile and AV Enthusiast alike.

Mission have employed advanced new designs which offer great performance, across a wide program of music & movies. The range has already been warmly received by the Hi-Fi press; Hi-Fi Choice awarded the QX5 a group-test winner award, stating that…

It’s hard to fathom how Mission has pulled this off, a terrific speaker for the asking price.

Let’s take a look at some of the technology packed into the QX loudspeaker range, which gives these great value speakers such a competitive edge.

Mission Technology

Mission’s QX series was designed from the outset to fuse an attractive design aesthetic with advanced engineering; these are loudspeakers which are ideally suited to blend in with the decor of a modern home. A quick glance at the front of any of the QX series loudspeakers, immediately says “Mission”.

Part of that brand identity comes from Mission’s IDG (Inverted Driver Geometry) driver format, which has been a mainstay of their designs for decades. Mission’s engineering conviction is that positioning the treble unit below the bass/midrange driver improves time alignment between the two drivers.

Mission QX2 Exploded

Mission have incorporated some of their latest driver designs into the QX series:

The new ‘ring dome’ treble unit offers highly detailed reproduction with low distortion, this is a result of using innovations such as a dual ring radiator made from a combination of a textile dome and a multi-ring surround for optimum stiffness.
The new tweeter unit, also boasts a twin rear cavity non-reflecting design reducing resonance and maintaining a wide operating bandwidth.

Accompanying the new tweeter is a high-performance woofer assembly incorporating Mission’s “DiaDrive” system, which couples a curvilinear front cone to a stiff conical support for outstanding transient impact. The curvilinear cone is of a seamless construction and is formulated from a mixture of soft pulp and acrylic fibre specially designed for midrange clarity and lucidity.

The cabinets themselves also incorporate clever technology: aluminium top and bottom plates ad solidity to the cabinet’s construction and enhance the aesthetics of the cabinets. Likewise, the arc sided cabinet corners and ribbon slot port design don’t just look great, they contribute to the excellent performance of the Mission QX series loudspeakers.

A Model for Every Application

From the supremely compact QX1 bookshelf speaker, right up to the mighty QX5 floor-stander, as well as centre channel and surround options, there will be a speaker within the Mission QX series to suit your requirements.

If you have discerning tastes when it comes to sound, aesthetics and heritage, but perhaps don’t have the budget which traditionally goes with them, then the Mission QX Series could be just the loudspeakers you’ve been looking for.

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