Posted on Sat, 18 Mar, 2017
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The marketplace for audiophile headphones is broader than perhaps it ever has been. Today’s headphone shopper is confronted by a plethora of brands, technologies, aesthetics and price points. It could all become rather confusing. Allow us, at the Audio Affair Blog, to suggest to you the Meze 99 Neo Headphones for your consideration.

The Meze 99 Neo Headphones offer a unique propostion: hand made, artisinal headphones at a price point lower than many mass-produced rivals.

Interested? We thought you might be…

99 Neo


The Meze 99 Neo headphones are a brand new addition to the Meze 99 headphones range. These are available in Walnut/GoldWalnut/Silverand Maple/Silver finishes. Utilising the same construction methods as the other models in the Meze 99 family,  the Neo headphones differ largely in their aesthetics, and choice of modern polymers – rather than wood construction.
In contrast to the ‘Art-Deco meets Steampunk’, wood and metal design of the rest of the 99 range, the Neo takes a more conservative, modern approach with its use of black and brushed metals -altogether more Bauhaus than Beethoven, if you will.


The Meze 99 Neo headphones are a brand new addition to the Meze headphones range. Meze takes its name from head designer Antonio Meze. Meze himself is something of a design guru, having designed everything from avant-garde egg beaters, mobile phones, ski-poles and bottles of Staropramen!

Antonio Meze

                                                               Antonio Meze

Meze’s design goal was to create a comfortable to wear, great sounding, stylish headphone which could be enjoyed for years to come. To this end – every pair of Meze 99 headphones is hand built using the finest materials, such as cast alloy and maganese steel, and is designed to be endlessly serviceable. No glues are used in the contruction of the Meze 99 range – all components are assembled using conventional fasteners, allowing for them to be serviced and maintained for years to come.


The Meze 99 Neo, like the rest of the 99 range, are closed back headphones. This makes them ideal for sound isolation in noisy environments such as mobile listening, recording studios or anywhere you want to seal yourself in your own acoustic bubble.

With a 32 ohm impedance and a high sensitivity of 103db, the Meze 99 Neo can easily be powered by mobile devices and home hi-fi alike. It’s certainly helpful not to have to carry around a separate headphone amplifier; the easy to drive Meze 99 Neo are happy being plugged straight into a mobile device.

To enhance their all purpose nature, Meze have designed the 99 series headphones with a detachable headphone cable. Meze include two cables with each pair of 99 series headphones: A 1.2m cable with in-line microphone – ideal for using with smartphones ‘on the go‘, and a longer 3M Kevlar cable for relaxed home listening. To top this off – adaptors are included for 1/4″ stereo sockets, an airline style adaptor, plus attractive fitted cases for the headphones and accessories.

99 Accessories

With a retail price of just £259, coupled to a two year warranty, plus a design ethos of lifetime serviceability, you really do owe it to yourself to give the Meze 99 Neo heapdhones a try. They could just become your favourite audio companions.

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