Posted on Tue, 17 Aug, 2010
Posted by Peter

We love music – obvious enough really, that’s why we work in hifi. We’re therefore devastated to hear that Classic Records have lost their licenses to press their whole back catalogue. Classic records released some of the best 150g and 200g audiophile  grade records in the world and what were arguably some of the best sounding commercial releases of some classics like Miles Davis’ ‘Kind of Blue, Mike Oldfield’s ‘Tubular Bells’ and John Coltrane’s ‘Blue Train’; just to name a few! We got as many of the last batch of Classic records as we could, meaning we may be one of the only places to get these now deleted and soon to be very rare pressings left. So take a look, many have already sold out.

The Band - Cahoots - MFSL Hybrid SACD / CD The Band - Music From The Big Pink - MFSL Hybrid SACD / CD The Band - Northern Lights Southern Cross - MFSL Hybrid SACD / CD
The Band - Rock of Ages - MFSL Hybrid SACD / CD Doobie Brothers - Takin It To The Streets - MFSL Hybrid CD / SACD Rush - Permanent Waves - MFSL CD

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