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As convenient the world of hi-fi can be right now, there’s still no replacement for the warm, lush sound of the oh-so-elaborate, yet oh-so-delicious valve sound.

At Audio Affair we love that valve sound just as much as you do. and our friends at Icon Audio produce some of the finest valve products around. Since we’ve refit the showroom, we’ve got a huge range of Icon Audio products on display. If you’d like to hear any of these impressive bits of kit, then head on down to the Audio Affair Showroom and we’ll be only too happy to help you demo them

You never know, the warmth of the valves and the clarity of the sound might just persuade you to take your own Icon Audio gear home with you!

With our 0% finance deals, buying your Icon Audio Valve Amplifiers need not be an expensive escapade. High end audio equipment is meant to last, so why not spread the cost of the amplifiers over 1, 3 or 5 years? After all, you’ll be enjoying your equipment for many more years than that!

While words only go so far when it comes to discussing stuff like this (you really have to hear it to ‘get’ it, here is a little run down on the models we have ready for you to check out. Who knows, maybe it will persuade you to come and give them a visit?
















PS1 MkII Valve MM + MC Phono Stage

Valve amps may look complicated, but they’re actually incredibly simple. The focus is entirely on producing the richest and most detailed sound possible. Valves are well known for producing an incredibly deep and lush sound, perfect for use with a turntable. Revealing elements that you may have never noticed before. And the use of valves considerably reduces noise too. This particular example is compatible with both types of phono cartridge too, and still relatively affordable, all things considered!
















MB90 MKII M Mono Block Power Amplifier (Pair)

An incredibly warm and powerful power amplifier specifically designed to work in Triode and Ultralinear mode depending upon your preference and power needs. As there are only four valvles to worry about the maintenance and running costs are relatively economically friendly – which are two of the very slight downsides to valve amp ownership.















Stereo 60 MkIIIm Valve Integrated Amplifier

The latest version of the Stereo 60 is the largest of Icon’s integrated amplifiers and boasts a sound and a striking appearance that will blow the minds (and ears) of anyone lucky enough to hear it. It has a big power supply, big output transformers and an abundance of very useful features. It’s a versatile device too, working effectively as two amplifiers in one! You can use it in triode or ultra linear mode. The triode sound is preferred by most, but the power is always lower. With our Triode/ultra linear switch you can change from 80 watts to 40 watts of pure triode sound at the flick of a switch. And it can function as both an integrated and power amp too.




Stereo 40 MkIIIm Valve Amplifier

With the same 1950’s technology as the original valve amps forming the base workings, the 40 MkIIIm is packed full of clever features, all designed to give the warmest, smoothest sound possible – all the while being a very user-friendly unit. It boasts a Valve Rectifier (centre valve) – which is normally reserved for much more expensive models and aids a smooth sound. On top of that, the power supply is choke regulated, diminishing the chance of background interference, there is a third (or tertiary) transformer, which reduces distortion.




MB845i Mono Block Valve Power Amplifier (Pair)

An valve amp which was lovingly constructed out of some of the best parts of the highest performers. It features a heavy gauge steel chassis, 20 mm solid alloy front panel and Icon Audio’s famous stainless steel and Plexiglass valve cover to create a stunning visual impression. On the scales at 50Kg (pair) this amplifier is no lightweight in quality or performance and boasts the feature of high and low sensitivity. This enables MB845s to work with both passive and standard pre-amplifiers. Trust us, this is a kind lof thing you need to know when working to high spec.




Stereo 25 MkII Integrated Valve Amplifier

The Stereo 25 is the entry-level version of the award winning Stereo 40 – which we will be moving on to shortly. The 25 – however – is not diminished in quality in anyway shape or form – it simply does away with some of the 40’s more expensive features. Inspired by the technology of the 1950’s, the 25 boasts traditional design, excellent valves, audiophile components and customised transformers and power supply. What seperates it from the old school valve amps of the past is it has been engineered to create very little heat under the chassis. This means it will last much longer than the older models, but still carry that lush warmth of yester-year.

Icon Audio LA4 MkIII Valve Pre Amplifier

A line pre-amplifier of outstanding quality. A deceptively simple high quality single stage design followed by an output buffer. But what makes the LA4 MkIII special is the power supply and “finely tuned” design. A high end pre amplifier must have a power supply to match – and this certainly comes complete with one of the best.

So, are you tempted to come and hear the incredible design and engineering on display up there? Then get in touch. We’ll set you up with the demonstration system of your dreams!

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