Posted on Tue, 11 Jul, 2017
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Icon Audio have informed us that due to currency changes, increases in component and material costs, price increases that they’ve put off for as long as possible are no longer sustainable and there will be an increase in price across the range from 1st August 2017. As an increase in costs means an increase in retail prices, many models will unfortunately rise in price from 1st August onward.

We’re giving you as much advance notice as possible on this, so if you’ve been considering or toying with the idea of an Icon Audio amplifier or speakers, NOW is the time to buy before 1st August. View the full Icon Audio range


Icon Audio Integrated


Icon Audio have held off from this for so long that these increases are in some cases quite substantial. For example (these prices are all for the most “basic” valve options – there are corresponding price increases on the “upgraded” valve options):

– Stereo 30SE Integrated (£200 increase from £1999 to £2199)
– Stereo 40 MkIIIm Integrated (£200 increase from £1799 to £1999)
– Stereo 60 MkIIIm Integrated (£400 increase from £2699 to £3099)
– MB30 SE Monoblok Pair (£200 increase from £2499 to £2699)
– MB90 MkIIm Monoblok Pair (£300 increase from £3499 to £3799)
– MB845i Monoblok Pair (£500 increase from £4499 to £4999)
– MB845 MkII Monoblok Pair (£700 increase from £7599 to £8299)
– LA4 MkIII Pre Amplifier (£100 increase from £1399 to £1499)
– HP8 MkII Headphone Amplifier (£100 increase from £749 to £849)
– PS3 Phono Stage (£200 increase from £2099 to £2299)

A few models (e.g. MP3 integrated at £499) have retained the same price, but overwhelmingly we’re having to increase prices to reflect the cost increase in Icon Audio products.


Icon Audio Monobloks


This won’t happen until 1st August though and as this is being published on 11th July, this gives you almost 3 weeks to buy at current prices and beat the price increase. Remember, we do offer generous trade in offers and 0% finance as well so if you weren’t quite ready but have some old equipment you’d like to part exchange or would like to consider 0% finance as an option, we can tailor this to your circumstances.

Please give us a call on 0121 224 7300 / 0121 224 7401 (or click here to email us) and we can offer you a very good deal. In the meantime, you can view the Icon Audio range on our website.


Icon Audio phono stage

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