Posted on Tue, 20 Jun, 2017
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The ATC HTS range takes ATC’s award-winning SCM loudspeaker range and re-engineers them in a wall-mount format for cinema applications.

ATC’s SCM loudspeaker range has proven itself to be a great performer; picking up numerous awards, including that of the prestigious ‘Best Standmount’ category at the What Hi-Fi awards, ATC has proven, once again, their expertise and knowledge in producing outstanding loudspeaker designs.

Now, ATC has re-engineered those fantastic designs from the SCM range into a cabinet style designed for wall hanging, especially suited to cinema and ‘custom residential’ installations…


Off The Hook – The ATC HTS Wall Mount Speakers

Wall mounted, or soffit mounted loudspeakers offer a number of practical advantages to the domestic environment: aesthetically, the speakers can be made to ‘disappear’, and floor space is freed up. Additionally, a near ideal speaker placement can be effected – essential for cinema installations.

Simply hanging loudspeakers intended for stand mounting, upon the wall, or installing them flush as soffit mount speakers, can cause all kinds of unforeseen problems, however. Most speakers are designed to work in free space and may have ports on the rear or even the base of the speakers.

For correct and proper performance, the speaker cabinets ideally need to be designed specifically for wall hanging, or soffit mounting. It’s here where the ATC HTS range really comes into its own.

ATC HTS – The SCM Range Reconfigured

The ATC HTS range takes ATC’s three most popular models in the SCM range and places the drivers and crossovers in new, purpose-designed cabinetry; wall hanging and soffit-mounting capability being part of the design brief from the outset. Each loudspeaker is sold singly – as one would expect of custom install loudspeakers.

Speaker brackets and input connections are hidden discretely, and a choice of non-reflective, satin black or white finishes along with matching, full-width fabric grilles are offered, for the ultimate in discretion.

Discretion shouldn’t result in loudspeakers which fail to deliver sonically, however; ATC’s years of speaker know how, ensure that the presentation will be of the highest clarity. If you’re looking for a discrete solution which delivers a true Hi-Fi presentation, the HTS series could be what you’ve been looking for:


The HTS7 is a wall mount version of the ATC SCM7 and as such uses the same 125mm mid/bass driver and 25mm soft ‘neo dome’ tweeter. An unexpected consequence of the new enclosure is an extended bass response over the SCM7, with low-frequency extension to 44Hz with the HF extension remaining to a superb 22kHz.

The HTS7 are ideally suited to use as main surround channels in a smaller surround system, rear ambient speakers, or for use in two-channel applications where visual discretion and compact size are at a premium.



The wall mount version of the ATC SCM11 features the same 25mm tweeter as the HTS7 but features a larger, 150mm mid/bass driver for an extended low-frequency response (40Hz) and increased power handling (300w) over the HTS7.



Based upon the floor-standing, flagship loudspeaker in the SCM range, the SCM40, the ATC HTS40 is the wall-mount speaker to choose when performance is paramount. The only three-way design in the HTS series, the HTS40 uses the same 25mm dome tweeter but is augmented by a 75mm soft-dome midrange unit, and a 164mm woofer.

As expected, frequency bandwidth is pleasingly wide with 32Hz-22kHz quoted, with a 300 Watt power handling per speaker; ideal for main surround channels or a high quality, two channel installation. Couple these with the HTS7 or HTS11 for rear surround speakers and you’re certain of a performance which really ‘wows’.



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