Posted on Wed, 30 Nov, 2016
Posted by Raven

Let’s face it, buying a Christmas gift for a music fan isn’t easy. There’s a great deal of variety out there, and with that variety comes a great deal of difference and disparity. An incredible, thoughtful gift for one audiophile, may be quite the opposite for another.

But don’t worry, there are a few ways (and a few key gift ideas) to help you get around the fussiness of your average audiophile. Tried and tested products which are practically guaranteed to please anyone and everyone – even the audio connoisseur who thinks they have everything already covered!

We’ve put everything you need to find your loved one the perfect high-fidelity Christmas gift together in our High Quality HiFi Christmas gifts Under £500. Here’s a small taster of what you can expect to find in there…

Wireless Speakers


Everything and anything wireless was all the rage in 2016, spurred on by some remarkable advances in the tech that makes for more effective, convenient and longer-lasting untethered high-fidelity. The vast majority of the best examples of this particular niche can be found at and under the £500 mark, so there’s plenty to chose from in this particular category.

Those who would benefit from high-fidelity wireless streaming are those who lead active and fulfilling lives and therefore don’t have much time to mess around with setting things up (but plenty of time for high quality audio). Most of the wireless speakers on this list are plug and play, come with incredible ratings from critiques and customers alike, and some have even won awards. Take the Audio Pro AddOn 3, for example. It comes in five fresh and funky colours, suitable for any taste or decor, and it remains as one of the nicest surprises 2016 had to offer in terms of award winning hifi.



High end headphones were once a highly specialist item, reserved only for the most hardcore audiophiles and recording artists. But those days are very much in the past. Now you can’t really call yourself a true music fan without a decent pair of high end headphones to back up your claim!

Thankfully, high-end doesn’t necessarily have to mean you’re thousands of pounds out of pocket anymore, which means that your music and audio lover may well be receiving their first high-end pair for Christmas! We’ve collected a few of the best examples in this list, including the gorgeous HiFi Man HE-400i, which feature covetted planar magnetic technology seen in some of the highest end headphones money can buy.



As technology itself gradually improves, so does the ability to get away with putting more and more features in one place without sacrificing performance or even sound quality. The upwards trend of DAB radio popularity has proven that, with the good old fashioned DAB radio making a serious comeback with the likes of the Ruark Audio Mk3, which also offers Bluetooth and WiFi, allowing for the infinite possibilities of internet radio and even streaming.

One of the best things about a DAB as a gift, is it will quite literally please everyone who enjoys music. Those who already have a radio, or a music/hifi system of some sort, will benefit from placing it elsewhere in their life. Unless they already have a fully-fledged multi-room system at their disposal, or literally spend their lives confined to one room, a radio of this caliber will be a very welcome gift to unwrap.

For more ideas, or tick a few more names off your Christmas gift list, click here to take a closer look at our hand-selected Christmas gifts for under £500. Remember, most of them are available very quickly with free UK delivery, so there will be plenty of time to get them in before the big day.

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