Posted on Wed, 18 Jan, 2017
Posted by Raven

It’s been an exciting few months for new headphone releases, so much so our most recent focus very nearly flew under the radar… despite being a new flagship of one of the most iconic headphone brands we stock. Thankfully, we caught it just in the nick of time, and we’re very glad we did.

With the same iconic wooden earcups as its predecessors, yet whole new inner workings I give you…


The Grado GS2000e Headphones are a higher end alternative to Grado’s established GS1000e model. For a little context, the GS1000e were (up until this point) Grado’s highest wooden earcup headphones, having progressed themselves from the original GS1000 and GS1000i. In contrast, while there are a few similarities and legacies, but the latest Grado GS2000e is a whole new model, at a whole new level. In the current range of wooden ear cups, they sit above the GS1000e, RS1e and RS2.

They are lightweight, yet large. Boasting Grado’s particular expertise when crafting with wood their hand-crafted mahogany and maple merged enclosures are as functional as they are beautiful, and available with either 6.3mm jack or a balanced XLR terminated cable.

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The flagships on the other side of the range, the Grado PS1000e Headphones are the metal cupped variant. The metal cups do stil use wood in their design) specifically mahogany in the inner sleeve) and what headphone ethusiasts tend to go for when deciding between them is the sound. When the earcups are metal, they reduce all ringing and distortion, resulting in a crisp and clean sound. However, when the earcups are pure wood, a new type of magic happens:

The use of Maple wholly transmits the energy in sound while the Mahogany opens it up revealing the true harmonic structure as well as the space intended by the artist.” ~ Grado

Of course, the ultimate choice between metal and mahogany boil down to the personal tastes of the listener in question. But needless to say, both benefit hugely from Grado’s meticulous attention to detail, expert craftsmanship and an ultimately organic approach from the very beginning. The Grado GS2000e benefits especially from “the new purpose built 50mm drivers to the 12 conductor ultra high purity copper cable” along side several features to encourage comfort and, of course, a style you could recognise anywhere, and one anyone.

There’s something magical about Grado, and their newest release confirms exactly why that is. The new sound doesn’t have to be better, it is just different, and yet, still distonictly Grado.

Like what you see? Click here to take a look at the full listing (including the tech specs), or maybe come and try them for yourself at our fully stocked headphone bar.