Posted on Mon, 27 Mar, 2017
Posted by Bob

Here at The Audio Affair Blog, we’ve recently been giddy about all things Devialet. We’ve looked at The history of the French audio mavericks, the technology behind their products, and taken a look at the remarkable Phantom wireless speaker. If you’ve not read those blogs yet, head over and have a read, as they cover a lot of the background behind today’s blog subject, The Devialet Silver Phantom.


silver phantom
Having already covered much of the background behind the Phantom range, today’s blog will focus on the specific model upgrades the Silver Phantom offers, plus a look at some of the additional integrated technology which makes the Phantom possible.

To quickly summarise however, the Silver Phantom is one of the world’s premium wireless speakers; allowing for integration within a wireless media network, streaming over Bluetooth, or hard-physical connections such as ethernet or toslink optical digital.


The Silver Phantom is the ‘mid-range’ model in the Phantom line-up (3000W – £1690) . It sits between the ‘entry level’ Devialet Phantom (750w – £1390) and the Gold Phantom (4500W £2190). The Silver Phantom is currently the most popular model in the range. It combines a useful power hike over the entry level Phantom, for a relatively modest additional outlay.

The additional increase in power, four times that of the entry level Phantom, yields predictable and welcome results. The Silver Phantom eclipses the basic phantom’s 99db output by 6db; an output of 105db at 1m is quoted for the Silver Phantom. The additional power available should also be felt in terms of additional dynamics and head-room.

An obvious visual identifier that you’ve bought the Silver Phantom, is that the side panels are… err… silver (well they weren’t going to be orange were they)! To be specific, the side panels on the Silver Phantom are a very attractive matt silver finish, the panels themselves being sand-blasted stainless steel.


Devialet was formed, following the invention of its ADH technology, by its founder, Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel. ADH was a unique way in which to harness the very best of analogue and digital amplification: a class A amplifier providing the voltage input, with a class D amplifier managing the current demands of the amplifier.

The Devialet Phantom is truly the spiritual home of ADH; it permits the famed light weight and compact size of Class D amplification, coupled to the musicality and warmth of a Class A amplifier. This technology was shrunk to a single chipset, specifically for the Phantom series. It’s probably safe to say that you’ve never heard a wireless speaker sound quite so good – the adoption of ADH technology is a fundamental component in the Phantom’s immense sound.


In summary then, it’s probably fair to say that the Silver Phantom offers the most ‘bang for the buck’ of the Phantom Range. Those looking for The Ultimate should certainly take a look at the range topping Gold Phantom – paying attention to its upgraded amplification, converters and speaker drivers. With that said however, the Silver Phantom probably offers the best value of the Phantom Range, and is a deserved best seller.


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