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Chord Sarum T updates Chord’s successful Sarum Super Array interconnect range, replacing Teflon with Taylon for ‘enhanced transparency’.

The often forgotten element of a Hi-Fi system, the interconnects, are none the less a crucial component in themselves. Poor quality cabling can introduce noise, interference and degradation to the signal chain.

English Interconnect manufacturer, Chord, have been hand-building ultra-high quality Interconnect solutions since 1985. It’s probably fair to say then, that they know a thing or two about building quality cables and interconnects.

Chord has recently made a significant upgrade to their high-end Sarum cable range, which seems as good a reason as any to revisit this important range of interconnects…

Chord Sarum T

The importance of quality interconnects

If a reminder were needed, let us not forget the importance of good quality interconnects as part of a well considered and thought out Hi-Fi system. Poor quality interconnects can lead to destructive and unpleasant interference and distortion being introduced into your system.

Chord is a highly respected manufacturer of premium Hi-Fi interconnects and cabling; as such, you can be assured of a quality connection between your prised audio components, and with it, the very best possible audio quality from your Hi-Fi system.

Chord Sarum T – White Gold

Chord’s Sarum range of interconnects sits just below their ultra-exotic Chord Music range and is very much an ‘ultra premium’ line of interconnects, with a retail tag more than many Hi-Fi components; chord maintains, however, that the devil’s in the detail.

Insulation is an extremely important mechanical concept within any audio lead, with the construction and materials used directly influential upon the end result. One of the most common materials used in audio cable is PTFE; more commonly known as Teflon

Chord, however, claims regarding the use of Teflon, that “at moderate price levels the benefits outweigh the flaws, especially if you are careful how you employ it, but when it comes to designing the best possible cables, it’s a major limiting factor”.

The Taylon Difference

Following this observation, Chord has instead, chosen a material called Taylon as the key insulation material for the Chord Sarum T range, which replaces the previous Sarum Super Array. Taylon was developed specifically for ‘cost no object’ weapons guidance systems.

To quote Chord directly: “Taylon® eliminates the temperature related phase instability and mechanical variation that mars the sonic and musical performance of PTFE“. The first use of Taylon by Chord was for their flagship ChordMusic range, and now, that technology is available in the Sarum T series.

For those already possessing the previous generation of Sarum interconnects, Chord offers a rebuild service using the new, Taylon construction for 40% of the price of a new Sarum T cable.

The Chord Sarum T Range

Sarum T Analogue

Analogue interconnects will always be the source which benefits the most from high-quality cabling, so it’s good to see a wide range of options in the analogue range.

The Sarum T Analogue is available as a conventional RCA interconnect, as an XLR and for those who prize vintage equipment highly, a DIN version – a nice touch for a high-tech range of cable.

Chord Sarum T Analogue

Sarum T Tonearm Cable

The extremely low output signal from a phono cartridge can be especially prone to external interference before it’s even reached your phono pre-amp. Hence it’s always a good idea to use the best quality tonearm wiring you can possibly afford.

Chord Sarum T Tonearm cable is hand built to order and can be fitted with a range of connectors to suit popular tonearms.

Chord Sarum T Tonearm cable

Sarum T Digital

Available as RCA, BNC, USB, AESEBU and streaming digital interconnects, Chord caters for those looking for the very highest quality digital interconnect, with the Sarum T Digital.

Chord Sarum T Digital

Sarum T Speaker

One of the key elements of any Hi-Fi system is the relationship between one’s loudspeakers and amplifier. Chord’s Sarum T loudspeaker cable is designed to have the very minimal impact on the speaker signal, ensuring a faithful reproduction.

Chord Sarum T Speaker Cable

Chord Sarum T Power

Last but not least, Chord also offers a power cable in the Sarum T range, for when that shonky old IEC lead simply won’t do!

Chord Sarum T Power

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