Posted on Thu, 10 Feb, 2011
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Following months of feverish technical development at the Chord Company, they have now announced the introduction of the Chord VEE plug.

After the improvement in sound quality that most of us have experienced with the acrylic plugs that are fitted to the Sarum, Signature and Indigo interconnects, they have used very similar technology and applied it to the more cost effective product lines.

VEE stands for Vibration Eliminating Enclosure, the Chord VEE plug actually uses a very unique ABS enclosure to be able to surround a low mass, silver-plated centre pin or non-compression gold and signal return surround. The plug when used will have a profound effect on the performance of all the cables it is fitted to. The enhancements including its detail and definition and pace, rhythm and timing.

A few features worth mentioning are:

– The ABS enclosure was chosen for its excellent vibration-damping properties.
– Teflon® insulated gold or silver-plated centre pins.
– Ultra low mass gold or silver-plated signal return surround.
– Non-compression clamping system maintains constant impedance along cable length.

Now being fitted to: Crimson Plus, Cobra Plus, Chameleon Plus, Chorus 2, Cadenza, iChord, Codac Digital, Prodac Pro Digital

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