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Bluesound Multi-Room speakers, streaming and storage devices, offer true Hi-Res, Hi-Fi streaming over your home Wi-Fi network.

Boy, are we excited about this Blog! Bluesound is a brand we’re really proud to have under the Audio Affair banner. It’s rare in this industry to find a product which offers something truly unique; if you’re interested in Hi-Fi quality streaming throughout your home, in any digital format you can think of, then Bluesound is a brand you need to pay close attention to.

“Did he say streaming of any digital format?” – yes, yes I did. Let’s get the lowdown…


Bluesound describes themselves as an Audio company made by audiophiles, for audiophiles; not a computer company adapting consumer tech for the audio market. The streaming market is hot property right now, meaning any company wishing to break into it better have a very special Unique Selling Point. As it happens, Bluesound has more than just one…

Where many manufacturers of Hi-Fi streaming equipment expect you to purchase heavily into their bespoke streaming ecosystem, with proprietary hubs and controllers, Bluesound uses your existing home wireless network. This allows up to 34 players using Bluesound’s BluOS system to communicate with each other and to access your networked music.



Bluesound allows you to select what you want to hear, where you want to hear it. Want to turn your home into a club? Bluesound lets you cast the same piece of music to every device, filling your home with sound. Want to hear Queen in the living-room but Debussy in the bedroom? No problem, Bluesound have that covered, too.

Bluesound’s greatest innovation though is the integration and support for most every digital format and streaming source you can think of. Not even the segment’s current market leader can boast support for anything from MP3 to 24bit/96kHz audio files. Uniquely, lossless file formats such as MQA and HRA are also supported, as are streaming services such as Tidal, and Roon.

Appetite whetted? Got your attention yet? Let’s take a look at some of the key units in the fantastic Bluesound range.

Streamers and Servers

Bluesound’s Node2 streamers and Vault2 server, in combination with the BlueOS app for smart devices, form the hub of a Bluesound wireless audio network. Bluesound’s streamers and servers allow connection and streaming to any connected devices on the user’s BlueOS network.

Bluesound Vault 2 Music Server

Whilst a dedicated music server is not essential to create a Bluesound streaming network, the Bluesound Vault 2 provides a streamlined, smooth and stylish solution to setting up a computer-less streaming server hub. Bluesound Vault 2 allows the user to easily rip music from an existing CD collection, download music via an internet connection, and then safely and securely store it on the internal 2TB HDD.

Much more convenient than having a computer taking up valuable living room space, the Vault 2 allows for storage and playback of all digital files, including streaming services. Play the files natively from Vault 2 over analogue or digital stereo connections, or stream to another Bluesound device, wirelessly.

Bluesound Vault2

Bluesound Node and Powernode 2 Streamers

The key to unlocking Bluesound’s powerful, Hi-Res, Hi-Fi streaming playback ability, lies in the shape of the Bluesound Node2 and Powernode2 wireless streaming stations. Connect wirelessly to your local music server, which could be a Bluesound Vault or a LAN server, and enjoy high-quality digital music playback with ease.

The Bluesound Node2 is a great add-on device for any traditional, or legacy piece of Hi-Fi equipment. It allows seamless, and simple playback of digital audio files over analogue or digital connections, straight to your two-channel Hi-Fi. It also permits casting over the network via a stereo analogue/digital input. Want to hear that beloved Pink Floyd LP in another room? Job done!

Bluesound NODE2

Desire an all-in-one 21st Century “music centre”? Then the Powernode2 could be just the thing for you! Based essentially on all the functionality of the Node2, Bluesound has enjoyed the fruits of their connection with Hi-Fi legends NAD and added an inbuilt power amplifier. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that!

Bluesound Pulse Multi-Room Speakers

No range of multi-room audio solutions would be complete without stand-alone, wireless, multi-room speakers. Bluesound offers a range of wireless speakers to suit most applications and budgets, all while offering high-quality audio reproduction.

The “Pulse” range of active speakers, encompasses Bluesound’s range of wireless speakers. Starting with the Pulse Flex, a highly versatile and rugged wireless speaker which can be used singly, in pairs or even with the optional battery pack for picnics and camping! Moving up the range, we come to the Pulse Mini, a tri-amplified 60w compact speaker, and the Pulse2, an 80w, tri-amplified speaker with an impressive 45Hz to 20kHz response.

Bluesound Pulse2 Speakers

For those who perhaps want to enhance the sound of their AV setup, there’s the Bluesound Pulse Soundbar, a powerful (120w) unit which will fill a room with high-quality sound, discreetly and unobtrusively.

Need a little more low-end “thump” for films, or maybe you’re a bass-junkie who wants to fill out the sound of your wireless system? Bluesound to the rescue, once again! The Bluesound Pulse Sub extends your system down to a deep 26Hz.


Bluesound Pulse Soundbar and Sub


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