Posted on Sun, 30 Dec, 2018
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Bluesound’s advances in technology over the precious iterations of the Pulse range have been so carefully researched and developed to ensure that the new 2i range is a worthy upgrade on prior models. To add to the already excellent ability of the range – including MQA decoding (which we understand was a first for a multi room system) allowing you to enjoy high resolution music via Tidal Masters and other sources, the new range offers excellent sound quality all while retaining visual appeal and spec list of the award winning outgoing models.

Small and loud: the Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i

The smallest and most miniature speaker in the range still has respectable specifications. Its a well-designed speaker that can be placed on bookshelves, on countertops, on side-tables, or even on desks, it features truly innovative two-way Bluetooth, where listeners are able to both receive and transmit audio. Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s AirPlay and even capacity to connect with Windows and Mac desktops comes as standard. Available in black only its very compact and this true USP lies within its name – its flexible to adapt to be put really anywhere in your home that has access to a mains socket to plug it in, offering an additional zone in your Bluesound multi room setup.

Bluesound’s Pulse Mini 2i

Bluesound’s “Pulse Mini 2i” is a happy medium between the smallest “Pulse Flex 2i” and the full-size “Pulse” model speaker. Its still compact and can be placed almost anywhere, but is sizable enough to give a big sound, and functions equally as well as a standalone speaker as it does as part of a multi-room system. Unlike the Flex, this model (and its bigger brother) is available in white as well as black.

Full-size: Bluesound’s Pulse 2i multi-room speaker

Bluesound ups the ante with flagship multi-room Bluetooth speaker, with additional power and specs making it an even more impressive speaker – at home as part of a multi-room setup but equally as proficient as a speaker system to be used on its own. Still versatile in its placement within the home, it boats spec-amplification up to 80 watts, with a substantial woofer (5.25″) and DSP bass equalisation. Ultimately, the sound quality earns its flagship status.

You can combine almost as many Bluesound zones as you wish around your home. Can you imagine having a combination of Pulse Flex 2i, Pulse Mini 2i and Pulse 2i speakers around your home in black or white?

Hi-Fi streamer with multiroom: the Node 2i

Replacing the award winning Node 2, this new Node 2i model improves what is already a class leading hi-fi streamer. Boasting an excellent DAC as well as full MQA decoding (like other models in the Bluesound range), we now know from experience that owners of this model are split between those using it to create a zone from their hi-fi system that can then play music on other Bluesound zones (or vice-versa) and those of you that buy the Node 2i as a stand-alone hi-fi streamer to take advantage of its sound quality and MQA abilities with streamed music sources, without any intention to use it as part of a multi room setup. Its that good.

We also sell Powernode 2i which looks almost like a taller Node 2i. It essentially features the same streamer with the addition of a powerful amplifier, allowing you to use it as the heart of a hi-fi system – just add speakers to enjoy its streaming capabilities and excellent sound quality, with or without additional Bluesound zones around your home.

Bluesound Pulse Soundbar

A stylish and capable soundbar in its own right, Pulse 2i Soundbar complements the Bluesound range by offering excellent sound for tv, streaming movies, gaming etc, while also retaining the same MQA streaming abilities and multi-room credentials as other models in the Bluesound range. For a stand alone soundbar, it offers decent bass response (we also sell the separate Pulse 2i subwoofer and it even has selectable modes to highlight dialogue or wider music – tailoring the sound to your viewing habits.

Bluesound Vault 2i

Last but certainly not least is Bluesound’s music storage solution. Much like the Node 2i, we’ve found owners of this product are split between those of you using it as part of a multi room setup and those that have chosen it over other stand-alone music servers as their music storage solution of choice. This makes it an incredibly impressive and capable solution for music storage.

Why choose Bluesound?

In addition to MQA, all of these Bluesound models feature two-way Bluetooth (stream music to the device via bluetooth or stream music from it – for example to stream music to your Bluetooth headphones) along with many other features. Most importantly though all of these models sound excellent and offer a strong proposition in the market compared to similarly or even many more expensive alternatives. Bluesound’s range is truly adaptable, versatile and suitable for almost anyone that wants a multi room systme and really cares about good sound quality. To read more, click here to view Bluesound on our website

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