Posted on Wed, 26 Oct, 2016
Posted by Raven

Certain brands conjure up certain images, or phrases. Be that of their logo, their most iconic products, or simply terms associated with them. Take, for instance, Audio Technica. Now, everyone familiar with the brand know they specialise in phono-cartridges and, to a slightly lesser extent headphones. What they’re less well-known for, is turntables. And yet, their expertise in the field of cartridges has allowed for some very interesting developments in that field.

Take, for instance:


The Audio Technica AT-LP5 is an award winning turntable produced, of course, by the phono cartridge experts Audio Technica. As comes with the skilled craft of designing and making high-end phono cartridges, comes a rich analogue heritage of balance, of fine tuning and of a truly specialist ear. Upon its release, it was immediately awarded five stars, and then went on to win a Hi-Fi Award, for delivering class-leading sound, all the while maintaining a modest price.

Design-wise, the Audio Technica AT-LP5 manages to be well engineered and rugged, with a sleek and sophisticated air.  Its direct-drive engine enables playback for both 33 1/3 & 45 RPM records, offering excellent pitch stability and a really accurate sound. With its aluminium platter and rubber damping mat included, resonance is kept to a bare minimum. More attention to detail becomes apparent the closer you look: it all comes fitted with Audio-Technica’s lightweight AT-HS10 headshell and the exclusive AT95Ex dual MM phono cartridge.



Audio Technica have also gone out of their way to ensure convenience and practicality with the AT-LP5, which is very helpfully plug’n’play. It has a built-in (switchable) phono/line pre-amplifier which you can use… if you want to. Unlike most turntables the AT-LP5 will let you plug it directly into anything (an amplifier, active speakers or even a computer!) easily, and it will work beautifully. That’s what makes it “switchable”. It even includes Audacity recording software for MAC or PC and will allow for direct connection to your computer to transfer your classic LP collection to digital files via a USB output.

To make things as easy and as painless as possible, Audio Technica have supplied everything you need: from all the necessary cablings to a flipable lid for protection from dust. It’s a neat and tidy all-in-one box which will cater to your ever analogue need (perfect for beginners, or for those who don’t care for the “fuss” associated with vinyl) and do it all whilst handling the sound beautifully.

Speaking of the sound: it’s balanced, it’s open, it’s clear and its detailed. You could say it boasts the same attention to detail in the sound as it does with its physical form. A turntable that ticks all the boxes, and still (quite magically) will only set you back £329.

If this sounds like an offer you can’t refuse, then click here to take a closer look at everything it has to offer (including the full tech specs).


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