Posted on Wed, 09 Aug, 2017
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Swedish active speaker experts Audio Pro introduce the Audio Pro C5 & C10, adding multi-room wireless capabilities to their Addon T3 & T5 speakers.

For over three decades, Audio Pro has tirelessly worked at refining and enhancing the capabilities of active loudspeakers; bringing advancements in sound, compactness and home integration.

Taking their award winning T3 & T5 speaker systems as a basis and adding multi-room wireless functionality gives us the Audio Pro C5 & C10


Audio Pro C10


Audio Pro’s Active Advantage

Since 1978, Audio Pro has delighted the Hi-Fi world with compact, stylish active loudspeakers which have delighted both aesthetically and acoustically. Their ‘Addon’ range has received glowing reviews from the Hi-Fi press for their combination of price, performance and stylish compact design.

A growing interest and market in networked, multi-room audio prompted Audio Pro to release the Audio Pro C5 & C10 multi-room wireless speakers which build upon the key strengths of the Addon T3, T5 & T10 portable Bluetooth speakers.

Audio Pro C5 & C10

The Audio Pro C5 & C10 loudspeakers are hugely endearing in terms of physical size and design; an ‘eyes and nose’ arrangement of speaker drivers lends these cute loudspeakers an anthropomorphic element which is difficult to ignore and easy to love.

Available in a choice of four contemporary colours, the C5 & C10 complement any room; neat details such as the genuine leather carry strap, metal fixings and smooth, monolithic enclosure lends the Audio Pro C5 & C10 an air of discrete class.


Audio Pro C5 & C10


Their compact dimensions (around the same width as an LP record sleeve) make the Audio Pro C5 & C10 a great space saving choice. Ideal for those looking perhaps for a bedroom or spare room speaker, a convenient portable speaker for parties or those perhaps with smaller living spaces.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the compact dimensions of the Audio Pro C5 & C10 mean you’ll have to compromise with a ‘compact’ sound, however. The C10, for example, offers a bandwidth of 45Hz – 22 kHz, thanks to its 5.25″ long-throw woofer and integrated 80w Class D power amplifier.

Wireless Multi-Room with extensive connectivity

The Audio Pro C5 & C10 deliver with brilliantly simple, yet surprisingly powerful, connectivity. The basic functions of the Addon T3 & T5 are still present and correct; one can still stream music via Bluetooth devices, or connect line level analogue sources via the stereo RCA or 3.5mm connections.

The big leap forward for the Audio Pro C5 & C10 has been the integration of simple, yet powerful multi-room wireless functionality controlled by what Audio Pro call ‘The App of Simplicity’. This is an app for smart devices which allows users the ability to control what music they want to listen to, and where they want to listen to it.

For example, the user could have a speaker in every room and play to one or all at the same time. Every user in the house can play their personal music on which ever speaker they want. Play from internet streaming services, from a computer in your network, or music on your phone.


Audio Pro C5 & C10 Wirless Multiroom


Even more impressively, the Audio Pro C5 & C10 can stream connected line level sources to other C5 & C10 speakers. Better yet, if you’ve already invested in previous generation speakers, a C5 or a C10 can control Bluetooth only equipment via ‘The App of Simplicity’.

For the ultimate network experience, couple the Audio Pro C5 & C10 with Audio Pro’s ‘Link 1‘ network hub and interface. Place the Link1 next to your main Hi-Fi system for example, and connect via optical digital, 3.5mm stereo analogue or the network port, and stream your music to any of the connected Audio Pro C5 & C10 units you may own.


Link 1


The Stylish, Simple and Affordable Wireless Solution

The Wireless network market is certainly competitive nowadays, however with the ‘household name’ systems coming in at more than double the cost of Audio Pro’s attractive, stylish and great sounding C5 & C10 units, don’t you owe it to yourself to think out of the box a little? There can be little doubt that in the Audio Pro C5 & C10, there exists a supremely capable, stylish and affordable alternative.

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