Posted on Tue, 17 Aug, 2010
Posted by Peter

Great music can give you goosebumps. It’s a sensation most audiophiles will have experienced at one time or another. If you’ve heard a system that plays a favourite piece of music very, very well, then you’ll know what we mean. Music has the power to move, thrill, sadden, elate, and practically enduce eny sort of emotion you can think of. Sophie Zelmani is an artist that really moves us. The category of female vocalist is filled with hundreds of talented singers, yet we’ve heard few that can give us goosebumps and make us feel the rhythm of the music quite like she can.

One might cite similar artists/groups as Hem, A Fine Frenzy, Heather Nova, Mindy smith, Janis Ian, some of Joni Mitchell’s work, yet we’re suprised how repeat listanable some of Sophie’s work is, especially when pitted against some of these bigger stars.

Despite having released 8 albums in the last 14 years, Sophie isn’t that well known in the UK and her recent tour was confined to other parts of Europe, although we’ve asked her on Twitter for a UK tour soon so fingers crossed (we’ll see what a persuasive audio retailer can actually accomplish!) Her recent album “I’m the Rain” has received some airtime and coverage and “The Years” and “Not With You” are two standouts from this album. The album that has received the most playtime in store though it’s 2002’s “Sing and Dance” that has received the most play in store. The opener “Oh Dear” (an interesting take on reclusion) is impressive and the third track “Going Home” that is the real album stand out. It isn’t just the lyrics that impress (most if not all of her songs are original of the proper singer songwriter type rather than a “standards singer”) – sometimes just the sound of her voice and the melody in these songs is enough to stun us.

We’ve tried her music when we’re happy (i.e. happy customers), when we’re excited (new products!) we’re busy (courier time!), when we’re tired (end of day) and when customers ask for something beautiful to listen to.

Check her our at and|ZELMANI&sql=11:gbfpxqegldde~T2

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