Posted on Sat, 10 Jan, 2015
Posted by Peter


When it comes to real home cinema, the surround sound is the key to a fully immersive experience. And let’s face it, that’s pretty much the point of a visit to the cinema: an escape from reality, becoming fully immersed in another world, even if it’s just for a moment. And while the imagery helps – it’s the sound that really takes you there. So an investment in a system that not only surrounds you, but submerges you and encompasses you entirely, is really worth it. With such a set up, you’ll never need to visit the cinema again – unless you want to of course. But the convenience of such a luxury at home cannot be understated.



While it is possible to acquire a full 5.1 AV speaker package on a budget, there are significant differences in what you get for your money. Most significantly, a you can enjoy a more hi-end AV speaker package for music as well – whether that be 2-channel music using the front speakers – or as many of our customers have found – listening to multi-channel music via Blu-Ray or streaming. It all sounds as impressive on a higher end speaker package as it would on dedicated hi-fi speakers. And of course, a more hi-end system promises a more room-filling, immersive and powerful surround sound experience too. It just makes sense.

Remember, all the prices stated were correct at the time of publishing and may be subject to change.

1. Focal Dome 5.1 AV Speaker Package – £999.95 (EXCLUSIVE PRICE)


It’s slick, it’s stylish, it’s reasonably compact… and the subwoofer looks like R2D2. We’re sold on that alone! Available in both black and white (with a range of funky grill colours), the Focal Dome package is excellent value for money, especially at our current reduced price. They’re flying out at that rate too – so best be quick! The Focal Dome range were painstakingly created according to Focal’s ‘Spirit of Sound’ philosophy: achieving the best possible sound performance with every single one of their products. And it wasn’t an easy feat with Dome – the tiny size being quite restricting. But, they managed it, and the sound is just as full, as thick and as room filling as you’d expect.

Why do we like it?
We could go on about the sound, their compact nature and versatile positioning, the excellent (and exclusive – did we mention that?) price – but we can’t get past the R2D2 subwoofer. It’s too cute!

Why do they like it?
‘It doesn’t just sound great for a micro system, it sounds great compared to speakers that are larger and cost many times more. For the enthusiast who wants high-end performance but cherishes their floor space, the Focal system may be your dream come true.’ (Home Theatre Review) 

What about the money?
10% deposit of £99.50 followed by 12 monthly payments of £74.63. Please contact us for more information.

2. Anthony Gallo Nucleus Micro 5.1 AV Speaker Package – £999



A very special package indeed! Compromised of five of the iconic Anthony Gallo Nucleus Micro speakers – functioning as satellites – and a TR-1 active subwoofer – all award winners in their right – this is a set up not to be sniffed at. Available in a range of colours – including the more demure black and silver – this is a system that makes a statement. With their minimalist, futuristic style, award winning sound and tiny size (the satellites can be placed virtually anywhere) these are an excellent way to introduce surround sound into your home without making too much fuss.

Why do we like it?
Big sound from tiny speakers that you can fit in one hand and a powerful subwoofer shaped like a barrel from the future. We just love it.

Why do they like it?
‘These speakers are the best I have heard in the micro class. If a small, affordable, low-visibility speaker is your desire, this high-resolution gem is a perfect choice.’ (Audio Video Revolution)

What about the money?
10% deposit of £99.90 followed by 12 monthly payments of £74.93. Please contact us for more information.

3. KEF T305 5.1 AV Speaker Package – £1699

KEF T305 5.1 AV Speaker Package

Let’s just get something out there, straight off the bat. These speakers are thin. You’ll be surprised at just how thin they are – they are so thin that they are wall-mountable (even the woofer!) – but they do not, in anyway, sound ‘thin’. This feat of design is the flagship of KEF’s T series, sitting above the KEF T105 5.1 and the KEF T205 5.1 – it features the best of everything, and sounds as intricate, as deatiled as room-filling and as dynamic as the most hi-end speakers. And still excellent value for money!

Why do we like it?
This is the perfect space-savers package. If you’re short on floor-space, this package uses none. Save your floor space for seating and lose absolutely no sound – a true feat. of design, and something that never ceases to impress us.

Why do they like it?
The KEF T-305 has to be one of the best surround sound speaker system KEF has produced. With the superior speaker and surround sound knowledge of KEF, the T305 is expected to be incredibly popular. (Sound and Vision)

What about the money?
10% deposit of £169.90 followed by 12 monthly payments of £127.43. Please contact us for more information.

4. KEF R100 5.1 Speaker Package – £2,849.99


They’re multi-award winning, they’re stunning and the sound just as lush, as room filing and as detailed as we have come to expect from KEF. In terms of what you’d get in surround sound – there is little out there quite as immersive as the R100 package. The sound has been heralded as being particularly natural – which means it is as close to witnessing the event – in terms of audio – as it can be. And it will do your audio collection just as much justice as it will your films. An excellent all-rounder, and the perfect addition to both your home cinema and your hi-fi system.

Why do we like it?
There aren’t many packages out there that will deliver any type of audio in such a rich and powerful yet delicate manner. And yet this package does so – fully immersively. Don’t just hear it, feel it. 

Why do they like it?
‘We’re struggling to find any fault with this system: the fact that you’ll need to spend extra money on quality speaker stands is the only thing that comes to mind, and that just goes to show how impressive this KEF speaker package really is. Is it worth every penny of its asking price? Without a doubt.’ (What Hi-Fi? Magazine)

What about the money?
10% deposit of £284.99 followed by 12 monthly payments of £213.75. Please contact us for more information.

 5. KEF R900 5.1 Speaker Package – £6150


Want to go higher? This is pretty much as high as you can go. This package is what industry experts refer to when what can be achieved in the field of surround sound is the topic of conversation. It’s not cheap, but the sound – and the sensation – you get for your money is quite outstanding. The R900 is comprised of two floor standing front speakers, two rear floor standing speakers, one centre and a subwoofer, all the very top of their range, obsessively designed and engineered from hi-grade components for peak performance and immaculately finished. It’s pretty good. You feel like you’re there, wherever that may be. And until the technology exists to physically put you there, this may be the closest you will get.

Why do we like it?
One of the best sounding systems we have ever had the pleasure of auditioning, and high on our personal wishlists. A true Reference surround sound system, and everything your film and music deserve.

Why do they like it?
‘It will be well worth your while to hear this remarkable system. It’s hardly cheap, but in today’s high-end speaker market, you can spend a lot more for a lot less.’ (Sound and Vision)

What about the money?
10% deposit of £615 followed by 12 monthly payments of £461.25. Please contact us for more information.

So, that’s your speaker packages covered. Listed above are a selection of some of the best you can get – but it doesn’t stop there. Match any of the above with a hi-end AV Receiver and all you have pretty much everything you need for a fully immersive entertainment system. Need a nudge in the right direction? The Yamaha RX-A1040 is a good start at £999. Stepping up from there – and sticking with Yamaha – there’s the RX-A2040 at £1,499 and the RX-A3040 at £1,999. All available from us at 0% finance over 12 months following a 10% deposit.

… we also have an AV (11 channel) pre amp (Yamaha CX-A5000and power amp (Yamaha MX-A5000) available with the same deal, if you want to take your amplification up to the next level. And we suspect some of you out there may. Hey, if you want your home cinema to be as close to the real thing as possible – you don’t want to skimp on the amplification at the final hurdle!